Modems: A Gateway to the Internet

Remember when you used the internet back in the ‘90s? You’d connect to the web via your dial-up modem, taking over the phone line as the modem dialled in and made its signature “connecting to the internet” noises.

While it’s no longer the ‘90s, and the internet has evolved immensely since then, computer modems are still relevant today. A modem connects to your internet service provider (ISP) to give you access to the web. Back then, a modem would connect to your ISP via a phone line. Today, it might connect through cable or satellite – at much faster speeds than those from the ‘90s.

What is a Modem?

A modem is a piece of hardware that communicates with your internet service provider. It receives signals from your ISP and converts them to an internet connection. Your router then transmits that internet connection to your computers, smartphones, and other connected devices in your home.

How Do Internet Modems Work?

A computer modem connects to your internet service provider through a phone line, cable, or satellite connection. The modem then connects to your home’s router, allowing devices that are connected to the router to access the internet. A cable modem, wireless modem, or other internet modem is essentially the bridge between your internet service provider and your local area network. Without one, you won’t be able to access the internet.

Why Do I Need a Modem?

Do you want to connect to the internet? You need a modem for that. While you may not realize it, a modem is an essential component in any network setup because it’s the piece of hardware that connects you to the internet. Many internet service providers rent out computer modems for a small monthly fee. But this fee can add up, making it more cost-effective to buy a modem in the long run. So, if you’ll continue to use the internet for the next long while (which we’re sure you will), then it doesn’t hurt to get your own modem for your network setup. And if you want to be even more efficient in your setup, consider a modem router combo.

Where Do I Need a Modem?

If you’re setting up internet at home or in the office, you’ll need a modem. Some internet service providers include a modem in their setup, while others charge a rental fee. Having your own internet modem can ensure a hassle-free experience in your home, office, small business, or anywhere else you plan to set up the internet.

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