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  • Get Organized with Agenda Planners and Notebooks

    Even in a digital world, there are times and instances in which paper is king. Whether you're a student jotting down notes as quickly as possible in a lecture hall or a business owner leaving yourself post-it notes so you don't forget vital information, being able to quickly put pen to paper can put you in charge of your day. Even for people who need everything in a digital copy, smart writing pads can offer a way to get the instant results of physical paper with the ease of digital storage.

    Why Use a Paper Planner?

    Paper copies still offer everything that they did when you were growing up. They're portable, instant, and reliable, with zero load time. They don't have Wi-Fi requirements and they never need to be charged, so you can always update on the go. Plus, paper planners offer the option of physical privacy: no one can peer into your calendar through a weakly secured network or poorly protected password, so you can ensure that your home and family are kept safe.

    Weekly planners and monthly planners remain a popular way to get the most out of every day. They're great for scheduling events, but can also be helpful in scheduling tasks and reminders. If you need to get started on a particular project at a certain time, it's easy to write it down in your desk planner and cross it off as you begin. Temporary reminders can even be jotted down on Post-it notes and sticky note pads as you go, with easy removal once they've been completed.

    Selecting Your Ideal Notebook

    The right notebook depends on the job. High school students, for instance, might need a densely-written spiral notebook for each subject, while elementary school students will do just fine with a 3-subject notebook. Consult your student's back-to-school shopping list to see the teacher's recommendations, and take cues from what your child used the previous year.

    For personal or professional use, you can take pleasure in choosing paper weight, line density, and even line design for your next notebook or paper notepad. From unlined journals to payroll books, there's something out there for every need.

    Journal Your Way to Success

    As digital notebooks take over, daily journals remain a popular paper category. Daily journals serve many purposes, but are favoured by high achievers as tools to de-stress while you organize. These diary journals give you the space to draw, plan, and detail your day, leaving yourself memos next to your busy calendar and pinning Post-its in the columns.

    Choose from a variety of lined and unlined journals to help you plan for the future and reach for your goals.