Gifts For Mom

From active moms to moms who need downtime, and new moms, find the perfect gift

Great Gift Ideas For Any Mom On Your List

Celebrate mom on her birthday, Mother’s Day, holidays, or any time of the year to simply say thanks. There are gift ideas for moms of all kinds. Active moms might love a new wearable, massager, or other fitness gear. Moms who love to cook will appreciate small kitchen appliances, baking gear, or even her own miniature indoor home garden. Every mom deserves to enjoy quiet and solitary downtime, in which case an ereader, tablet, headphones, video games, sleep tech, or even a new big-screen TV will make her smile. Or treat her to self-care items like a nail spa or shaver, or some stunning new jewelry. Whether you’re buying gifts for mother-in-law or looking for the perfect item for a new mom, you’ll find gifts in every budget, from under $50 to $400 or more. If you can’t decide, consider a gift card so mom can shop for exactly what she desires.

So what are the best gifts for mom? Here are some ideas of gifts for mom that any deserving mother will love and appreciate.

Tech Gifts to Help Mom Stay Connected

For busy moms of all kinds, consider gifts that will come in handy for helping her stay connected. For working from home, that might be a laptop, tablet, or headset she can use to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and team members. A good pair of true wireless earbuds will help her stay connected to calls and her favourite playlists while going for her daily runs or walks. Meanwhile, other gadgets can give her seamless control over her day at home, from turning smart lights on in the morning using voice commands to having a video chat with friends in the afternoon on a smart display and playing music while she cooks or exercises through a smart speaker.

Fitness Gifts for the Active Mom

A lot of moms love to work out at home, whether that means going for a morning jog or afternoon bike ride in the neighborhood or doing full-on classes in front of a screen, with or without equipment. For moms who love to work out or are just extra-conscious of their health and well-being, a fitness tracker or smartwartch is a perfect gift. She can use it to track activity levels, daily steps, heart rate, sleep, and more. A pair of true wireless sports earbuds is great for listening to tunes while she works out. For moms who have really gotten bitten by the fitness bug this year, consider going all out and getting her a cardio machine like a stationary exercise bike or a treadmill so she can get exercise in whenever she has the time without having to leave the house.

If she already exercises and has all of the gear she needs, consider something she can use to complement the experience, like a blood pressure monitor (great for aging moms or those with known concerns about blood pressure), a scale so she can track her progress (opt for a smart scale that tracks data like muscle mass, body fat, and BMI as well as weight), or a massager that can help relieve some of the tension in her joints and muscles after an intense workout.

Home Essentials for Mom

No matter her age, occupation, how old her kids are, or what she loves to do, there are a few essential items that almost any mom will appreciate.

Any coffee drinking mom would love a fancy coffee maker upgrade, or if smoothies are more her style, consider a blender. A food processor might also come in handy if she has been trying her hand at all kinds of new recipes. Another great idea: a smart display she can use for music playback or video tutorials, or to watch her favourite shows while cooking.

For self-care, consider getting mom that expensive hair dryer, hair straightener, or curling iron she has had her eye on for years but hasn't yet bought for herself, and likely never will.

Look at an air purifier that can help rid the air in the home of harmful bacteria, odours, and dust so she can breathe better at home. And for R&R time, an essential oil diffuser will fill the room with intoxicating and scents while helping her relax her mind during downtime.

Entertainment for Mom

Whether it's for enjoying family time with mom, or for her to enjoy solo, there are plenty of great entertainment gifts you can get for the mom on your list, too. Maybe she's into gaming and would appreciate a video game console or new video game to play on a console she already owns. A virtual reality (VR) headset can enhance her gaming experience and turn sedentary gaming time into a fun and lively activity.

Moms who have picked up photography as a new hobby would love a new digital camera or accessories, like lenses, camera bag, or tripod, for hers. If she's into binge-watching favourite shows from streaming services, consider surprising her with a new big screen TV.

For more analog moms, low-tech board games might have been popular decades ago, but they are actually experiencing a resurgence. And mom will love spending a quiet day in playing a classic board game that harkens back to a simpler time and sparks nostalgia, or a new one that's full of excitement and provides an opportunity to create new memories.