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Add extra storage space to your office with an office desk hutch

What is an office desk hutch?

If you have an office desk but realize you require more storage space, an office desk hutch can provide just that.

It’s a piece of furniture with shelves, usually wall-mounted to give the appearance that it’s floating. Wall-mounted office desk hutches usually mount using a hanging rail system.

They typically have anywhere from 2 to 4 shelves, and are made from materials like ash veneer, Asian hardwood, and laminate composite wood in contemporary and classic finishes like white, black, merlot, expresso, ebony, cherry, and mahogany.

Some come with doors and handles for concealed storage, others are open concept, and some include a combination of both for ultimate organization.

Why would you need an office desk hutch?

Office desk hutches include shelves for storing items like books, binders, writing materials, other supplies, or even electronics. This helps reduce clutter, leaving the main desk surface open for your computer or laptop and other essential items, and giving you more room to work.

While computer desks with hutch sets are available, if you already have an office table, and are looking to add more storage space, an office desk hutch is a great addition that allows you to continue using the desk you already have.

What should you consider when choosing an office desk hutch?

Select the same finish as your desk, or one that provides a nice contrast or complement if you can’t find an exact match. Check the size, including width, height, and depth to ensure it will fit and won’t stick out too far or be too wide, for example.

If you plan to house electronics in or on top of the hutch, like a printer or fax machine, make sure it is sturdy and durable enough to hold the weight of the device, and that the device fits nicely with enough room to load paper or lift a scanner cover, for example. Look for holes so you can easily and neatly run power cables and other necessary wires to it.

Do you want open concept shelves where you can easily find a binder or book you need and pull it out, or concealed storage, covered by doors that open and close with magnets or chrome handles? Concealed storage might be good if you plan to throw small items up there, like writing utensils, paper clips, notepads, and more. Some office desk hutches have open storage spaces but just a single small drawer to organize items like that as well.

Look at how much storage space it offers: is it enough to meet your needs?

Finally, do you prefer a wall-mounted hutch, or a basic rectangular hutch that sits directly atop the desk, providing additional organization? The latter can be good for organizational purposes but are best for larger and wider desks that can afford the space on either side for the hutch to be positioned.