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Why buy an open box appliance?

  • Product Condition
  • Scratch And Dent(20)
  • Perfect Condition(18)

  • Brands
  • SAMSUNG(17)
  • MAYTAG(8)
  • BOSCH(5)
  • AMANA(2)
  • GE(2)

  • Current Offers
  • Best Buy Exclusive(1)
  • Open Box(42)
  • Online Only(42)

  • Colour Family
  • White(23)
  • Black Stainless Steel(9)
  • Grey(9)

  • Dryer Width (Inches)
  • 28 in. and Up(3)
  • 27 - 27.99 in.(30)
  • Less than 27 in.(9)

  • Dryer Height (Inches)
  • 43 in. and Up(8)
  • 39 - 42.99 in.(11)
  • 36 - 38.99 in.(15)
  • Less than 36 in.(8)

  • Capacity
  • 8 - 8.9 cu ft(1)
  • 7 - 7.9 cu ft(32)
  • 6 - 6.9 cu ft(1)
  • Less than 6 cu ft(8)

  • Dryer Depth (Inches)
  • 32 in. and Up(9)
  • 30 - 31.99 in.(20)
  • 28 - 29.99 in.(2)
  • Less than 28 in.(11)

  • Customer Rating
  • 4(4)
  • 1(1)

  • Sellers
  • BestBuyCanada(42)

  • Price
  • $250 - $499.99(5)
  • $500 - $749.99(21)
  • $750 - $999.99(12)
  • $1000 - $1499.99(4)

  • Smart Features
  • Built-In Wi-Fi(3)

42 results

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Open Box Dryers

There’s nothing as comforting as a load of fluffy, warm clothes straight out of the dryer. Whether your current dryer has broken down or you’re just upgrading to a new, feature-rich model, you’ll want to take a look at Best Buy’s selection of open box dryers. You get a great deal on your dryer, and you have the peace of mind knowing you bought brand new.

What is an open box appliance?

An open box dryer is brand new dryer. The only difference is that an open box dryer is a returned product and it comes rated in one of two conditions: perfect or minor scratch and dent. Open box dryers in perfect condition are brand new with no cosmetic blemishes of any kind. A dryer with minor scratches and dents may have minor cosmetic flaws in non-visible areas. There will never be a scratch, dent, or mark on the front of the machine.

Why you should choose from the selection of open box dryers

The only difference between buying a dryer straight from the shelves and buying an open box dryer is that you get a great deal on your new appliance. Once installed in your laundry room, you would never know you had purchased an open box dryer.

All open box dryers are inspected before sale

All open box dryers for sale on Bestbuy.ca are ready to fluff your towels, dry your jeans, and de-wrinkle your bedding. Each open box dryer is tested, inspected, and cleaned by Geek Squad Agents before they are offered for sale, and so you know you’re plugging in a brand-new appliance every time you buy.

Shopping for open box dryers is easy when you shop Best Buy

Each open box dryer on Bestbuy.ca is listed according to its specific condition. If you’d like to search for models in perfect condition you can do so, and if you’d like to see all open box dryers with minor scratches and dents, you can narrow your search.

Your favourite dryer brands are available too

The first thing you’ll notice when searching through open box dryers is that your favourite brands are all there. Samsung, Bosch, LG, GE, and Whirlpool are all available in open box, and you can expect to find feature rich models with steam dry, large and small capacity, and energy efficient options.

Looking for a new dryer? Take a look at all of the open box dryers available right now on Bestbuy.ca.