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Elevate Your Outside Space with an Outdoor Fireplace

Your outdoor space can be your very own private oasis. Whether you’re enjoying your dinner, unwinding with a book, or having an outdoor soiree, setting up your exterior living area gives you a whole new space to enjoy. It’s all about bringing together elements to compliment the great outdoors, and an outdoor fire pit is the perfect addition to your private outside sanctuary.

Benefits of an outdoor fireplace

There are countless benefits to enjoy with an outside fireplace. You can bring the joys of camping to your own backyard and make smores with the family, or you can cuddle up and enjoy a romantic night under the stars by the warmth of the fire. An outdoor fire pit makes hanging out in your exterior space feel even more calming and can be a great outdoor heating solution. Whether it’s summer, or a cooler fall night, there’s nothing like nestling next to a fire outside. Plus, many backyard fire pits can hold a grill on top, which means you can even do some barbequing on them. And more, if you’re a pizza lover, you can also get an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven. No matter how you’re enjoying it, there’s nothing like the ambiance of a fire.

Choose from a variety of outdoor fireplace fuel types

Picking the right outdoor fireplace for you is all about preference and space. Your choices in fire pits include gas fire pits, wood burning, or electric fire pits. Outdoor wood burning fireplaces give the classic feel and aroma of a natural fire, while outdoor gas and electric fireplaces can be more convenient. If you have a safe space, access to firewood, and enjoy the novelty of a crackling fire, a wood burning fire pit is the perfect fit. Outdoor gas fireplaces and outdoor electric fire pits are, however, easier to maintain. Outdoor propane fire pits only need refills of fuel to keep burning for long periods, while outdoor electric fire pits just need a power source. These are safer for smaller spaces, and easier to use if chopping up wood isn’t your forte.

Pick the best suited material for your outdoor fire pit

In addition to choosing the fuel type for your outdoor fire pit you also have a variety of materials to pick from. Stone fire pits and brick fire pits are some of the most popular options for wood burning outdoor fireplaces. You can also choose from copper, steele, and other solid metals. These materials are available in all fuel types, so you can have fun with it and pick a material that best suits your outdoor decor. Outdoor fire pits really bring your entire outdoor living space together, making it feel like a sanctuary. Enjoy and embrace the wonderful outdoors from the comfort and safety of your home, right next to a beautiful fire.

What is the difference between outdoor fireplaces and fire pits?

While outdoor fireplaces are similar to indoor ones in that they are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing spot for a burning fire, fire pits are designed for people to sit around them while you sit in front of a fireplace. With an outdoor fireplace, smoke is directed up and out of the chimney.

They add ambiance to the space, often being built on the edge of a deck or outdoor area so they don't take up much room. But only a few people can sit in front of an outdoor fireplace. Conversely, a fire pit can be placed virtually anywhere, from on the deck to even on the grass, and moved around. Similar in design to a campfire, they can be round, square, rectangular, or oval-shaped with seating on all sides to keep everyone in a big group warm. A fire pit provides a more interactive experience as it can accommodate more people and some can even be used to do things like roast marshmallows or even double as a cooking surface with an optional grille. An outdoor fireplace might be great for a couple while a fire pit is ideal for families with children or those who entertain often.

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