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Get the perfect cut with paper cutters and paper trimmers for your home and office

Every home and office requires a set up for success. Putting together your home office, corporate office, or educational space means checking off a laundry list of the latest devices that will keep everyone on the road to prosperity. Having a proper paper cutter or paper trimmer on hand will ensure you can sort through, organize, and dispose of important documents appropriately. Paper trimmers and cutters are great for organizing documents, and doing creative projects and presentations, as they allow you to effortlessly and perfectly cut paper into the exact shape and form you need.

Different types of paper cutters and paper shredders available

There are a few important components to look for when choosing the right paper cutter. Depending on what your use will be, you are able to pick paper cutters and paper trimmers with a variety of sheet capacities, sizes, and base types. Paper cutters are available with 12 inch to 43 inch bases and blades. If you need something small and basic for quick cuts, a smaller paper cutter will do, and for office spaces or classrooms a cutter with a bigger blade and larger paper capacity would be best. You can choose between plastic and metal bases, plastic being better for more gradual use and more durable metal best for a paper cutter that will be used with a higher frequency.

Some features to look for in a paper cutter or trimmer

The features of your new paper cutter need to fit your standards, and ensure you’re getting the best use out of it. One very important thing to consider is safety, especially if the paper cutter or trimmer will be in the vicinity of kids. Paper cutters can be dangerous if not used properly, but luckily you can find them designed to be safely stored when not being used to protect any accidents from happening. You can also find paper cutters and trimmers with self sharpening blades, adjustable alignment guides, adjustable backstops, and screened guides, Adjusting your paper cutter and using screened guides will allow you to get a perfectly exact cut, measured to perfection.

Extras to include for your new paper cutter

You can also find some extras to keep on standby for your paper cutter and paper trimmers. Stocking up on replacement blades and cutting mats means you’ll never hit any issues if your paper cutter begins getting duller, or the mat needs replacing. No matter what you need, Best Buy’s got your paper cutting needs covered and ready to get you that perfect slice.