The power of the S Pen is in your hands

Bold and beautiful

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra takes Samsung’s most iconic smartphone series and gives it the right tools to get things done. The collection of features put this phone in elite territory, and it starts with the 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED serving as the canvas for all the phone’s capabilities. It’s vivid and vibrant, and it gets an extra boost through the 120Hz variable refresh rate that makes the screen even smoother.

With support for HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping, the screen displays gorgeous colour and contrast when viewing video and photos. The front-facing 10-megapixel camera keeps a low profile with a hole-punch cutout that blends into the rest of the action onscreen.

A slick matte finish in the back adds a subtle hint of beauty further accentuated by the mystic black and mystic bronze colour options. A bold rear camera array shows the phone means business when capturing images, while glossier finishes along the edges and fringes add the finishing touches on a splendid device.

Writing in style with the S Pen

The S Pen gets better at doing what it’s designed to do: writing onscreen. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the 120Hz variable refresh rate combine to fill the latency gap of past Note smartphones. Now, writing on the screen feels as close to pen and paper as any smartphone can possibly get.

That means faster and more accurate notes, as well as more efficient access. Convert handwritten notes to text you can edit on programs like Microsoft Word. Write on PDFs or sign documents with ease. Doodle or draw with the kind of precision an artist would expect on any canvas.

Samsung equipped the S Pen with a series of extra features that go beyond writing. You can use it to navigate the screen and control media playback. Clicking the button can play or pause music for hands-free access while the phone isn’t nearby or is charging. Air Actions brings a number of features to control apps.

You can also access the S Pen’s own menu of shortcuts with Air Command by clicking close to the screen or selecting the menu on the screen’s edge. Jot down a note, create a GIF, or doodle something to send as a Live Message or AR Doodle.

What that ‘Ultra’ gets you

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra sports the larger display compared to its Galaxy Note20 sibling. The 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED with Quad HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate also comes with curved edges. The Note20 has a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED with Full HD resolution and 60Hz refresh rate on a flat display.

You get a microSD card slot to expand on the internal storage, ensuring you don’t run into issues if you need the extra space. The rear camera array comes with a large 108-megapixel image sensor, plus up to 50x hybrid zoom through the telephoto lens. Shoot 8K video and snap still photos from the footage anytime.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus shielding on the back, giving it an extra layer of protection compared to other Samsung phones. The AKG-tuned stereo speakers are loud and clear for easy listening without headphones. With 5G capability onboard, this phone is ready for the future, tapping into the upcoming next-gen wireless network.

A new source of gaming pleasure

Gamers can expect a boost in both performance and experience with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, courtesy of a new partnership with Microsoft and Xbox. The Samsung Galaxy Store gets an exclusive version of Xbox Game Pass that adds special in-game items and purchases not available on other smartphones.

With Xbox Game Pass, you have access to a catalogue of games available from Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service. That lets you play Xbox One—plus Xbox Series X—games without being tethered to a game console at home. Popular titles, like Gears of War 5 and Forza Horizon 4, will be among the dozens available to play.

You can use the phone’s own Screen Recorder to capture your gameplay and share it with others, including with picture-in-picture for instructions or commentary. With the right controller and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, mobile gaming could feel like having a console in your pocket.