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A stroke of the S Pen delivers a Galaxy of AI features

A premium device with extra protection

Samsung retains its pedigree for premium mobility with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, further establishing the Ultra as the preeminent smartphone bundled with a stylus in the S Pen. That extends to the vibrant 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, flatter than it’s been in years to improve handling and provide a bigger canvas to work with. Not to mention brighter, reaching 2,600 nits peak brightness through Vision Booster. An adaptive 120Hz refresh rate is smart enough to know when to kick in, while HDR10+ maintains the vivid colours and tones that makes Samsung screens a cut above.

The visual splendor doesn’t end there, thanks to Eye Comfort Shield, a new feature that reduces glare in brighter sunlight, while always raising or lowering the brightness just right based on where you are. It will also save your eyes from too much blue light before bedtime when the Shield automatically shifts to amber tones to emit softer, more pleasing light.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first Samsung phone to feature a titanium frame for added durability, reflected in the colour options: titanium grey, titanium black, titanium violet and titanium yellow. Gorilla Glass Armor gives the display 50% more durability, four times the scratch resistance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. IP68 protection also returns to keep the phone going when submerged in up to 1.5 metres of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. With a proper case and screen protector, you can give yourself some peace of mind everywhere you go with it.

Helpful AI features that just work editing photos and translating languages

A whole host of AI-driven features and options underline what it means to use the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and they will continue to improve over the life of the device. Live Translate lets you chat with a relative, friend or colleague in a foreign language in two-way real-time conversations in person or over the phones. This greatly simplifies asking questions and booking reservations in other countries, among other things.

In person, you can use Interpreter to quickly translate live conversations in a split-screen view on your phone, so both parties can read the text transcription in real time. It’s built right into the Galaxy S24 Ultra, so it works without any need to connect to cellular data or Wi-Fi, ensuring you can always use it, even in a remote corner of the globe. It supports 13 languages to start and will expand to others going forward. It’s even integrated into the Samsung Keyboard to translate messages and emails, including while driving with Android Auto.

With Note Assist, you can use the AI to generate summaries and templates that organize your notes, so that you don’t have to go searching for what you’re looking for. Transcript Assist will transcribe voice recordings using speech-to-text technology to catch every recorded word, while providing options to summarize and translate them as well.

Search also takes on new meaning with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, courtesy of Circle to Search, a new AI tool that works together with Google to help find more information about anything you circle or highlight on the screen without leaving the app you’re in. Be it a landmark, clothing or object, this feature makes search more intuitive based on what you see in photos, regardless of whether you took them or not.

A fully-loaded camera system with some new tricks

The Galaxy S24 Ultra retains so much of what made its predecessor a strong mobile photography tool, and adds more to its overall capabilities. A 200-megapixel sensor offers unmatched cropping options to get closer to a subject without physically moving yourself. Joining the Quad Tele System is an all-new 50-megapixel telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom that offers additional zoom option on top of the 3x telephoto lens. Go all the way up to 100x zoom for a usable photo from far away.

Nightography also gets a boost in performance with low-light photos that benefit from a 60% increase in light gathering and more robust image stabilization to help keep those image nice and sharp. For the budding pros, Expert RAW now offers even more granular control over how you shoot images, including a 24-megepixel option and an optional virtual ND filter. Capturing slow-motion video is even easier through Instant Slo-mo, where you can apply a cool slow-motion effect to any portion of a video, no matter which phone you captured it with.

For every photo taken in the primary modes, a Super HDR preview shows what to expect the photo to look like before snapping it. The feature will be integrated into third-party apps as well, including Instagram, to raise the bar on photo quality before sharing. Galaxy AI editing tools take things to another level through unique features like Edit Suggestion to propose edits to an image, along with Generative Edit for correcting crooked photos, removing people or objects, or setting the subject in a different place within the image.