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A Galaxy in the palm of your hand

The smallest Galaxy you can find

The Galaxy S24 is the smallest of the three devices in the Galaxy S24 lineup, and smaller than most other Samsung handsets. Its 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x is a tad larger than its predecessor without affecting the overall size of the phone itself. As a smaller device, the Galaxy S24 stands out as a rarer choice among the larger screens so commonly found on other phones. For a true one-handed experience, there may be no other more comfortable from Samsung.

To protect and personalize your Galaxy S24, consider adding a case that matches its compact size. A case can safeguard against daily bumps and scrapes, ensuring your device remains sleek and functional, while also allowing you to express your unique style.

Despite its size, the Galaxy S24 doesn’t compromise as much on power, thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. It’s a powerful chipset capable of running complicated tasks, including Samsung’s latest Galaxy AI features. There is 8GB of RAM for memory, plus options between 128GB and 256GB for storage, striking the right balance for more modest needs.

Note that the Galaxy S24 neither comes with nor supports the S Pen, which is only compatible and included with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

A Galaxy full of AI stars to work with

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S24 with a number of AI features that expand and enhance what the phone can do in a variety of circumstances. Live Translate lets two people speak to each other in different languages over the phone, while Interpreter can quickly translate live conversations in person without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection by splitting the screen in two so both parties can read the translation in real time.

Note Assist can summarize text and create templates for your notes, even after Transcript Assist is done transcribing any voice recording, be it a lecture, speech, presentation or interview. Circle to Search works together with Google to enhance a search query based on circling or highlighting something on an image. It can be anything on the image, like a pair of shoes to see where they’re available for sale or a local landmark to learn the history behind it.

These features extend to editing photos, no matter if they were taken on the phone or not. Edit Suggestion analyzes a photo and comes up with suggestions to apply edits that can work with one tap. Generative Edits makes that a more manual process, where it’s possible to select a person or object to either remove or place in a different part of the image. There are special features for removing shadows and reflections as well.

A workhorse that keeps on going

The Galaxy S24 has a decent battery size at 4,000mAh, and coupled with the efficiencies of the new Snapdragon chipset and adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, it should run smoothly for all-day performance. It supports 25W wired charging and wireless charging on any Qi-enabled charger.

It has enough power underneath to run as an effective mobile gaming device, which you can pair easily with a gamepad controller for the ultimate gameplay convenience. Stream content, take photos, capture video and browse the web and social media. The Galaxy S24 was designed to handle it all.