Take your phone to another Galaxy

What are the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S9 with optimized components on the inside, wrapped around by glass on both sides to fashion a svelte exterior worthy of its status. The 5.8-inch curved Infinity display has a high 2K resolution (2960 x 1440) and crisp, clear colours for a dynamic view of everything you do.

A fast processor, expandable storage and quality camera contribute to a solid smartphone capable of handling your daily tasks. Unlock your phone with biometric options, like an iris scan, face recognition or fingerprint sensor. Lock down your own privacy and security through Samsung Knox.

Never worry about an accidental spill with this water-resistant body, capable of withstanding up to 1.5 metres underwater for up to 30 minutes. With wireless charging, laying the phone down on a compatible charging pad or dock will keep the juice going longer every time.

What are the top features of the Galaxy S9?

The Galaxy S9 now runs on Android 9 Pie, and with the latest in Samsung’s One UI, getting around won’t be hard with this phone in your hands. With a headphone jack onboard, you don’t’ have to go wireless if you don’t want to. The AKG-tuned speakers give the phone more of a stereo soundstage when you want to hear along with others. They even support Dolby Atmos.

Like other Samsung devices, the Galaxy S9 plays nice with others like it. You can share your phone’s screen on Samsung TVs, and share photos and videos with other Samsung devices. You need to have a Samsung account to enable it, but once you do, your content can be available to you from the cloud.

You can choose to use Bixby or Google Assistant as your digital assistant, answering questions and doing things for you at home or out somewhere. Set them up to you know your voice and personalize settings to keep it focused on the things you need to know.

What type of camera does the Galaxy S9 have?

The Galaxy S9 introduced the concept of a mechanical aperture in a smartphone, letting you switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 stops. In the dark, the lower f/1.5 opens up for more light to pass through the lens and capture brighter and clearer photos. When light is bright, shift it to f/2.4 for sharper images.

Super Slo-Mo mode slows down video clips to a crawl by recording 0.2 seconds of footage and turning it into a 6-second clip. It’s four times slower than the usual slow-motion mode. Go manual and time the moment yourself, or use the Auto mode and wait for the action to come right into frame.

The front-facing camera can turn you into an avatar, or live emoji. You can then send AR Emoji stickers or GIFs to friends and relatives for a more personalized touch. And if you need help translating a sign or menu while travelling, use the rear camera and Bixby to see it in the language of your choice.

Accessories for the Galaxy S9

With glass on both sides, protecting the Galaxy S9 with a case is always a good idea. There are various types, ranging from hard shells to softer and more stylish designs. You can even find full body cases for truly rugged environments where your phone won’t even suffer a scratch.

If protecting the screen is one of your top priorities, there are several screen protectors available, including glass to protect it from edge to edge. Keep your phone handy with a wireless charging pad or dock, or take a power bank with you to maintain higher battery levels on the go.