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A new kind of flip phone

Samsung has given the Galaxy Z Flip an old school design with a modern twist. Flip phones were a big part of the evolution of cell phones, but soon took a back seat to smartphones. This unique design puts both of those concepts together and takes the phone for a spin in a wholly different form.

It folds up to be surprisingly small to fit in a pocket, bag or accessory. Thin and light, it brings back the smaller footprint of flip phones of old. It closes shut but doesn’t keep users out of the loop, courtesy of the cover display on the corner showing the time, notifications and more.

Flipped open, it has a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex Display bringing all the visual goodness of Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED screens. Minimized bezels and no notch also maintain a clean look every time it’s folded out. This innovative screen is also made of real glass, and not polymer or plastic.

The hinge was built with durability in mind. It can articulate and angle the Galaxy Z Flip to make it useful in between being folded open or closed shut. Sweeper technology bristles inside keep dust and dirt from affecting the hinge’s flexibility. With varying angles to work with, it’s easier to use the phone in dual-screen modes.

Taking photos hands-free

Holding multiple angles lets the Galaxy Z Flip take photos in ways non-flip smartphones can’t do so easily. Positioning the top portion of the Infinity Flex Display allows you to shoot interesting photos and video from different perspectives, like a low-angle or majestic point of view.

This setup also makes long exposure night photography an easier task to pull off. Without the need to hold the device on a flat surface, it can capture a vibrant night scene without any accidental movement to push it out of focus. Night Hyperlapse lets you capture all the brilliant lights and trails that make those images so beautiful.

Selfies also get the same treatment, letting you snap images of yourself without raising either arm. The larger display on the inside, or the smaller cover display on the outside can each help line up the best photo, hands-free and with minimal fuss.

Half-in-half or full-screen

The Galaxy Z Flip was designed to do more with less, no matter how much screen real estate you prefer. When in mid-flip, the phone can split the viewing area to the top half, and controls to the bottom half. This lets you video chat or watch video content with full control at your fingertips.

Multitasking also gets its own time to shine when you need to do two things at once. Flip the screen open fully and the Multi Active Window can display two apps at once. When looking at a notification on the cover display, flipping the phone open will take you to that app straightaway.

The 3300mAh dual battery is capable of keeping the Galaxy Z Flip working for a full day of use, and you can use the outer shell as a charger itself through Samsung’s PowerShare feature.