• The Flip phone is making a comeback

    What’s old is new again

    The Galaxy Z Flip3 is flipping out again as the latest flip smartphone from Samsung, with new features and a new look to go with it. Its unique design makes it a different kind of phone when you look at from the inside out.

    On the outside is a 1.9-inch Cover Screen AMOLED that displays notifications and app widgets to ensure you only flip out when you need to. When you do flip open the Galaxy Z Flip3, you get a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x that is as vibrant as any other Samsung display. It sports an Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate capable of smoother navigation and video playback when the content calls for it.

    Gorilla Glass Victus adds a layer of protection to keep that primary screen safe from scuffs and scratches, and IPX8 water resistance means the phone can keep on going after an accidental spill. That durability also applies to the outer Cover Screen, adding some peace of mind for a display that’s always exposed when the Galaxy Z Flip3 is clamped shut.

    Being Flex-ible with the Flip3

    In Flex mode, putting the Galaxy Z Flip3’s foldable screen at a 90-degree angle lets you interact with apps in unique ways. Watch a YouTube video on the top half, while browsing on the lower half. You can try other apps in the same mode by making some adjustments in the settings.

    Having a flip phone with two screens can also change how you use the cameras available. Flex mode works with the camera app to make selfies super easy to capture, but even when you clamp the phone down, the Cover Screen can frame you so that you get even sharper photos with the rear cameras. The smaller footprint makes it easier to hold the phone in one hand for better angles that lead to better shots.

    Prop it up on a flat surface at any angle, and you can take photos of almost anything from angles that would otherwise be tough to manage. That includes low-light and long exposure photos where the phone needs to be completely still to capture the sharpest image.

    Power and precision

    A flexible hinge doesn’t have to come with compromises everywhere. The Galaxy Z Flip3 runs on the Snapdragon 888 processor, with 8GB of RAM and starting at 256GB of internal storage. Coupled with the Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for the primary display, video and games should run smoothly.

    While not a “gaming phone” in its own right, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is still capable of entertaining you with both casual and intensive games available on the Google Play Store and other services offering gameplay experiences. You can stream media with ease, letting you control audio playback from the Cover Screen while the phone is closed.

    With a new set of cases and covers specifically designed for the Galaxy Z Flip3, you can make the most of using the phone in ergonomic and convenient ways. Easier ways to flip open or clamp shut, plus better one-handed operation are but a few examples of what’s possible when outfitting this phone with something on top.

    Moving faster now

    Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip3 was designed to take full advantage of the latest in wireless technology, courtesy of next-generation 5G networks. It is compatible with all carriers in Canada offering 5G service and could improve further should networks get faster with improved coverage and bandwidth.

    This phone is also compatible with Samsung SmartThings and smart home devices to keep on top of a connected home. It supports Wi-Fi 6 for the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, plus wireless charging support, even when you don’t have it flipped open.