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A screen with a lot more cover

Flip it shut for an open display

The Galaxy Flip5 may feature similar dimensions but it looks like very different from its predecessors because of the all-new 3.4-inch Cover Screen. This is considerably bigger than previous Galaxy Z Flip phones and changes how you use the Galaxy Z Flip5 when you clamp it shut. More screen means more to be seen, giving you a broader canvas to view notifications and pertinent information, like messages, weather, calendar, activity tracking and more.

Selfies have never been easier on a Galaxy Flip than they are with the Z Flip5, now that it’s so much easier to set up and frame a shot with the larger Cover Screen. You can still capture an image hands-free using the right gesture controls, even without holding the phone. Pitch it like a tent, set it down, gesture to the camera and you’ve got a quick snap.

It’s also simple to text and call without ever flipping the phone open. Customizable widgets open up various possibilities in what the Cover Screen can do. Open a link to a video and watch it straight from the cover, or set up the clock and wallpapers you want to make the phone truly your own.

Thrive with the Flip5

Flip the Flip5 open and gaze at the 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. A built-in screen protector helps keep the folding screen safe from debris and potential danger from scratches and blemishes. As light as the phone is, it’s not one to take lightly, but with IPX8 water resistance, it will survive an accidental splash or dip in clear water. Don’t be shy, use it in the pool for a couple of selfies if you want to.

You can always see anything in full screen, or split them in two with Multi-window to see two apps at once. Stream a favourite show or live event on one half and message with friends on the other half as you tune in. It’s also a great way to multitask between work and personal, keeping you on top of all the tasks or errands you need to run.

With Flex mode, you can turn the Flip5 into a portable viewer for apps optimized to use it. Watch a YouTube video on the top with controls and similar videos appearing in the bottom half. Take video calls on the top, with full control below, including when you want to free your hands and set up for selfie photos or video. As more apps become fully compatible with Flex mode, the Flip5 becomes a more flexible flip phone.

New looks, inside and out

A new glossy finish and an array of colours make the Flip5 stand out in a crowd. Get it in graphite, cream, lavender or mint, and accessorize it further with the growing number of cases designed to make this flipping phone more wieldy in your hands. Not that it isn’t wieldy to start, considering how easy it is to put in a bag or pocket when clamped shut.

You also get to reap the benefits of improved specs underneath, like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 8GB of RAM and starting internal storage at 256GB. A better image sensor for the main rear camera, plus improved software from Samsung, should equate to excellent photos and video, no matter how you choose to capture them. An ultra-wide lens joins the rear camera array to help squeeze more into every frame when you want to go big with the shot you’re taking.

Samsung’s One UI 5 also continues to evolve in delivering one of the richest Android mobile experiences available. Filled with a multitude of accessible controls and custom settings, the match between the hardware and software in the Galaxy Z Flip5 is easy to enjoy for what you need to do.