The Fold is strong with this Galaxy smartphone

Two screens on the inside

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is the latest foldable smartphone from Samsung, literally opening up a different way to use a smartphone. Whether closed or folded open, it is a fully-featured device capable of doing things other handsets can’t.

If you include the Cover Screen on the front while the phone is folded closed, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has three screens available to you. That Cover Screen is a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED on par with anything other Samsung phones already have. Fold it open and you get two screens that combine into one 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x Main Screen.

All three screens have Adaptive 120Hz refresh rates that work smartly to smoothen out navigation and performance when necessary, or lower it when text and static images appear. The extra space opens up new ways to view content, making it easier to browse, stream, play, read and create.

A new way to multitask

It’s not just that multiple screens are better when it can also apply to multiple apps, too. The Galaxy Z Fold3 can accommodate and display up to three apps simultaneously, letting you multitask in ways that simply aren’t possible on more conventional smartphones. In this way, you can view two websites from two web browsers, plus a YouTube video. Or have a map open while looking up potential travel destinations on another app.

A new app dock makes it a lot easier to drag and drop apps into the screen for quicker multitasking when you need it. Even apps that aren’t optimized for Samsung’s unique screen size can fit right in by adjusting a few simple settings.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 also supports split-screen mode, putting two apps side-by-side for easy comparisons or collaborative work. Tilt the phone in landscape mode, and it’s possible to use one app while watching video on another—even if you place the phone in Flex Mode by folding it on an angle and placing it down on a flat surface.

Ready for the S Pen

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is one of the first foldable phones to offer support for the S Pen. There are two versions of the S Pen compatible with the phone, one of which is exclusive in the S Pen Fold Edition (sold separately). This S Pen variant only works with the Galaxy Z Fold3 and lets you write, draw and work on the Main Screen. With the right case, you can slot in the S Pen Fold Edition to keep it handy.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is also compatible with the S Pen Pro, a larger stylus that not only works with this phone, but also a variety of other Samsung products, including select smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can write onscreen and convert it to text, or click on the pen’s button to use the Air Command menu or control the camera.

Fold into photo and video ops with the cameras

There are five total cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold3. Both the Main and Cover Screens have front-facing selfie cameras, while the back of the phone has a triple camera array. You can set up the phone to capture selfies using the rear cameras, with previews appearing on the exposed Cover Screen. Place it on a table tilted upward on an angle to catch up on a video call or participate in a conference call hands-free.

All five cameras can leverage Samsung’s camera software, with all the modes and features available to capture better images. Capture photos with the wide, ultra-wide or telephoto lenses, and shoot video in 4K to edit later using the larger Main Screen.

Primed for faster connections

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is built for the next-generation 5G wireless networks, building up speed as it goes faster and faster. It is compatible with all carriers in Canada offering 5G service and would benefit from any network expansion to improve coverage and bandwidth.

This phone is also ready and able to work with smart home devices to make the Galaxy Z Fold3 a hub capable of controlling all devices and services in a connected home. It supports Wi-Fi 6 for the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, plus Ultra-wideband (UWB) for new ways to interact with other devices hands-free.