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Folding right back with the Galaxy Z Fold4

Two + one screens

Samsung’s latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold4 continues the company’s design philosophy, delivering a multiscreen user experience that works whether you keep it closed or fold it wide open. It’s not a conventional smartphone, and isn’t supposed to function like one, either.

Case in point, the Cover Screen on the front is as big as many other phones are today, sporting a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, including a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Its unique 23.1:9 aspect ratio makes it great for watching movies and shows filmed in widescreen letterbox format, giving you a mini movie theatre right in your hands.

Once you fold the whole phone open and reveal the 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, otherwise known as the Main Screen, you have a canvas to work with.¹ All that additional real estate changes not just how you view apps, but also how many you see at one time. Pull up as many as three apps at once to truly multitask in ways you just can’t on other phones. How you lay them out is up to you, but the possibilities will feel almost endless.

The App Dock gives you useful shortcuts to bring in the apps you want. The Galaxy Z Fold4 supports Multi window to split the screen in two and set two apps side-by-side.² Abundant choices await you, like using two web browsers at once, or watching a live sporting event on one, and tweeting or messaging on the other. Tilt the phone in landscape mode to do the same, letting you see more of the action as you lay it down on a table or flat surface.

Touch down with the S Pen

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is only compatible with the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro (both sold separately). You can only use the pen on the Main Screen, where you can write and draw whatever you like once you put pen to screen. Better precision on the pen means you get that pen-and-paper feeling as you use it. If you jot down notes or like to draw, you will appreciate having that extra accuracy at your fingertips.

There are other things the pen can do on the Galaxy Z Fold4. Convert your writings to text, control certain camera features, and access the Air Command menu for even more features. It’s hard to find a smartphone that offers this much space to get things done.

You won’t find a slot to stow the S Pen away, but you can always find a case for the Fold4 that will. Samsung and other brands make cases with a sleeve or holster to keep the pen close to the phone and safe from slipping out of your hands.

Shooting with the cameras

Pick a camera and start shooting. That’s probably the best way to describe where to go with the Galaxy Z Fold4 and its five total cameras. You will see selfie cameras on both the Main and Cover Screens. Meanwhile, there are three more situated at the rear of the phone, completing the full array available to you.

A folding design lends itself to some creativity in how and where you capture images. Use the Cover Screen as a preview when you want to capture good-quality selfies using any of the three rear cameras. With a big group, you can squeeze everyone in using the ultra-wide lens, knowing exactly how to frame the shot.

Fold it halfway, set it down on a flat surface, and do some night or low-light photos. With less movement, you make it more likely the photo will turn out even better. Or you can use the selfie camera to capture yourself in a still photo or talk on video. With all the various modes Samsung makes available in its Camera app, it’s worth experimenting to see what you can come up with.

Fast and powerful

The Galaxy Z Fold4 was built to last, not just because it has good water resistance, but also because it’s got some robust parts under the hood. It runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 4nm process, making this phone a smooth operator throughout. With 12GB of RAM and between 256GB and 512GB of internal storage, you have the memory necessary to multitask, and the space to store your creative pursuits.

Plus, it’s easy enough to stay connected. The Galaxy Z Fold4 supports the latest 5G connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi 6, keeping you in touch with greater speed on the web, inside or outside. Access your smart home devices from anywhere, including those you have running through Samsung SmartThings.

Product disclaimer

¹Measured diagonally, Galaxy Z Fold4’s Main Screen size is 7.6" in the full rectangle and 7.4" with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners.

²Certain applications may not support Multi-window view.