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FAQ About Security Camera Packages

Stepping up your home security doesn't have to mean hiring expensive security firms, locking into onerous contracts, and installing complicated wires throughout your property. Home surveillance can be an easy DIY affair with the right security camera package and a general understanding of its technology. Let's survey some of the key components of security camera packages and answer your questions about whether it's right for your home.

What is a security camera package?

A security camera package features multiple cameras connected to a central command system which records footage and send it footage to your compatible device. Security camera packages can come with 1 to 8 cameras, depending on your price range and how much property you want under surveillance.

What do surveillance camera packages include?

The hallmark of a security camera package is the combination of a digital video recorder and multiple cameras that can be installed around your home. A DVR will have multiple channels for receiving data from each camera, as well as a hard drive that can record and store footage. The size of the hard drive can vary, but generally you'll need a 1TB hard drive for 4 to 8 cameras.

What features are important in a security camera package?

If you plan on screening footage on a tablet or smartphone, make sure the security package connects to your home internet network either via a wired connection or WiFi. Cameras that come weather-proofed is also an important feature because they remain functional throughout the seasons. Many cameras offer night vision and multiple angle viewing, so there's no surveillance blind spots.

How many cameras should I get?

The number of cameras you need usually depends on the size of your home and what level of surveillance you're looking to achieve. Security packages usually max out at 8 cameras and start at around 2. Check how many channels are offered on the DVR because a package may come with 4 cameras, but offer 8 channels. That means you can add at least 4 more cameras if you want to upgrade surveillance.

Is a security camera package easy to install?

Plenty of security camera packages come with plug-and-play technology that makes DIY set-up hassle-free. You just have to install your wireless cameras, hook up your DVR to a home internet network, and you're good to go. Keep in mind, many of today's systems have smart home functionality, which means it's possible to use the same apps to monitor security, as well as do things like turn on the lights or adjust the thermostat.