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259 results


Selfie Sticks and Camera Grips: Take Photos You Can't Wait to Share

When you hear the phrase "selfie stick," there are probably a few different types of thoughts that go through your head. Whether you love them or not, you can't deny that they can be extremely useful in certain situations.

Why Selfie Sticks and Grips Are Beneficial

Say you're hanging out with a large group of friends, and it's time to immortalize the moment with a photo. You whip out your phone, call out "Selfie time!" (or should that be "wefie"?), and try to position the phone so you can cram everyone into the shot. After a few moments of nearly dislocating your shoulder as you stretch your arm to maximum length, you're forced to give up on getting the perfect photo.

A selfie stick is the perfect remedy for this type of problem. No more need to ask a complete stranger to take a photo for you, or to spend time setting up a tripod (and risk someone snatching your phone while you're a few metres away, posing for the shot). All you have to do is attach your phone to the selfie stick, extend the arm, and capture the magical moment.

Another way to use selfie sticks is to capture fun, creative images that would otherwise require a stepstool or flopping down onto the ground. By extending the stick, you can take photos from interesting angles, like high above you or from near the ground – perfect for capturing a tall structure behind you. You could even use a phone or camera selfie stick to take photos and videos of a concert when there are a bunch of really tall people in front who are blocking your view.

Features of Selfie Sticks and Camera Grips

If you're wondering where to buy a selfie stick, the answer should be pretty obvious (considering the site where you're reading this). Best Buy has a ton of models available – browse our wide selection and you'll find models with a variety of useful features.

Remote Triggers

Some sticks feature a remote trigger, so you can hit a button on the stick to take the shot (rather than using the camera's timer). A Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick connects wirelessly to your phone, but it requires power so you'll need to make sure the battery is charged before you leave the house. Some Bluetooth sticks can integrate with apps on your phone, which provides options for adding creative touches to your photos.

Other models include a cord that plugs into your phone's 3.5mm audio jack to activate the shutter. This is extremely convenient because you don't have to remember to keep the battery charged, but just keep in mind that plugging something into the audio jack will prevent you from recording sound if you're shooting a video.

Secure Clamps

When you're shopping for selfie sticks, look for a clamp or grip that holds your phone tightly, because the last thing you want is your phone to drop to the ground while you're holding the stick high in the air.


Some selfie sticks include a mirror that lies along the back of your phone. This allows you to use your phone's rear-facing camera (which generally takes better quality photos).

Camera Grips

If you own an action camera (like a GoPro), you can use a camera grip to help you get the amazing shots you're looking for. When you're shooting with an action camera a grip can make it easier to position the camera at a creative angle.

Camera grips equipped with wrist straps are great for making sure it doesn't go flying when you're swinging along a zipline. Floatation-equipped models help you find the camera if you're in the water and accidentally lose your grip.

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