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Peelers, graters, and slicers are must-have kitchen accessories

Kitchen gadgets help save time when prepping food, and while the type of kitchen gadget someone chooses will be personal to their own cooking experience, there are some kitchen accessories every home chef will never want to cook without.

Three of those kitchen gadgets, peelers, graters, and a mandoline or slicer, are must-haves for home cook. They let you peel, shred, and slice your fruits and vegetables, and because of their versatility, you’ll want to make sure you have more than one on hand.

Choose the perfect peeler

A peeler is a kitchen gadget that peels the skin off of fruits and vegetables. Most peelers have a design that helps them remove skin faster than if you were to pull out a knife and slice it off. With a peeler, you also retain more of the food than you would if you peeled with a knife.

When considering what type of peeler to get, you’ll want to first choose a basic potato peeler. It works for all fruits and vegetables. Once you have your potato peeler you’ll want to branch into the different types of peelers.

You could choose a Y Peeler with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, a swivel peeler to give you complete control when peeling, or a julienne peeler to add garnishes or zest to your dishes.

Grate cheese and more with a grater

When you think of a grater you probably think of a cheese grater; a kitchen gadget that grates hard and soft cheese. But there are different types of graters that do more than shred cheese, and you’ll find types that have slicers on them to slice up fruits and vegetables or serrated holes to zest citrus fruits or tackle hard blocks of cheese.

Slicers create dishes with thin slices of fruit and vegetables

A mandoline or mandoline slicer is a kitchen accessory that has a blade attached to a platform. You place your fruit or vegetables on the platform and use a disc shaped object to pull it back and forth over the blade. As you move the disc, the food is sliced.

You can find both manual and mechanical mandolines, and some mandoline slicers are also multi-purpose in that they have different components you can attach to chop, slice, or grind your fruits and vegetables. You can also spiralizer food slicers so you can cut your fruit into noodle like shapes.