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Keep an eye out for deliveries, see who's knocking, and speak with visitors directly from your display.

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Find and follow recipes, set timers, add to your grocery list, and more for hands-free help in the kitchen.

"Make it cooler."

Adjust the temperature, dim the lights, and manage all your smart home devices from one central display.

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Smart Displays: See Everything You’re Missing

What is a smart display and how is it different from a smart speaker?

A smart display is a tablet-sized device that can be positioned on a desk, tabletop, shelf, or nightstand, usually in landscape mode (portrait-oriented ones are available, too) allowing you to organize your day, access visual information, conduct web searches, watch videos, make video calls, and more.

While smart speakers have speakers and microphones, a smart display is a smart speaker with an added screen that’s anywhere from 5.5” to 15.6” in size, along with a speaker and microphone. Some have a camera, too. With some models, you can turn off the mic and/or camera, or even close a built-in shutter, for privacy.

They can accomplish all of the same tasks as a smart speaker, including playing music from your favourite streaming services and controlling smart home devices. They can be controlled by voice, too, with the added ability to see visual results as well as hear them.

What can you view on the screen of a smart display?

View visual results for search queries conducted by voice, like news headlines, calendar items, weather, traffic reports, and more, on a Google smart display like the Google Nest Hub, and others.

Make video calls using services like Skype, view YouTube videos and tutorials, movie trailers, album art, photos, and more. With some, you can conduct web searches and even record video. When not in use, display a photo slideshow.

Like with smart speakers, you can also use smart displays to control compatible smart home devices, like lights, cameras, TVs, a thermostat, and more, doing so via a visual dashboard and/or by voice. Some work with security cameras, like the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Ring Smart Doorbell, so you can see who’s at the door.

Some smart displays come bundled with devices like smart doorbells or smart light bulbs or sell in pairs. Stylish finish options, like charcoal, sandstone, aqua, or white/bamboo, let you choose one to match your home’s decor.

What are some of the ways you can use a smart display?

Place a smart display on your bedside table as an alarm clock, to play music while you get ready in the morning and dictate and show the daily news headlines, reminders, calendar appointments, traffic and weather while you get ready for the day.

One in the kitchen can provide access to video tutorials while you cook, play background music, and be used as cooking timers. Use your voice to add items to your shopping list.

In the living room or den, watch videos, listen to music, make video calls, check on the security camera footage, and display a slideshow of photos while your smart home display isn’t in use.

Set up multiple smart displays throughout the home and use one like the Amazon Echo 8 as an intercom system, letting the kids know when it’s time to come down for dinner or start getting ready for bed.

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