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Control your smart home with smart speakers and displays

Make sure your next smart speaker has Google Assistant or Alexa onboard.

Connecting all of the devices in your smart home might seem like a difficult task, but with the latest smart speakers, smart displays, and accessories, you’ll have a hub where you can stream music, watch videos, or use voice commands to control your smart home devices.

Smart speakers give you hands-free control, using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

If you only used a smart speaker for streaming your favourite playlists, you’d love the clear audio and easy-to-use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access to all of your music services. But a smart speaker can do much more than just stream music. With integrated Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it’s got a virtual assistant onboard. It becomes much more than a speaker, also acting as a central hub for controlling your smart home, playing games, setting schedules, making phone calls, and even ordering items online. All simply by using your voice.

Use a Google speaker, Amazon Echo speaker—or any smart speaker that supports either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa—and you have a powerful digital assistant waiting for your command. You don’t need to have your smartphone nearby, a smart speaker uses an array of far-field microphones to pick up your voice from anywhere in the room. Just say the magic word to wake the virtual assistant.

Concerned about privacy? Smart speakers are designed to only wake when the command is spoken. However, most have a button to physically mute the microphone.

Smart displays let you get more from your smart home devices

Having a voice assistant built into your smart speaker is great when you want to ask a quick question, stream music, or quickly access one of your smart devices. If you want to get even more out of your smart devices, a smart display does everything a smart speaker does, but adds a touch-enabled video screen. It will give you both eyes and ears on your smart home.

With a smart display on your shelf, you can have your smart camera stream to your display and watch the feed in real-time by using voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can access music videos along with your favourite playlists, scroll through a list of all of your smart home devices, or watch your favourite streaming TV show. Feeling lonely? Use your smart display to have a face-to-face video call with your friends or family.

Connect to your inner chef by setting up a smart display in your kitchen and cooking along with step-by-step recipes. If you get stuck on an ingredient, no need to swipe through pages looking for help—just ask Alexa or Google Assistant ...

Smart speaker accessories add colour and style to your smart speaker

A smart speaker looks great on your shelf, but smart display accessories let you save space or add your sense of style to your speaker. Put a colour cover on your Google Home to match your décor. Add a skin or protective sleeve cover case to your Amazon Echo and have it blend seamlessly into your bookshelf, or the nightstand.

Smart speaker accessories also include rechargeable battery bases and wall outlet mounts for your smart speaker. A battery base lets you go completely wireless, so you can take your smart speaker with you everywhere. Mount your smart speaker right on a wall outlet to take up less space.

Find the perfect smart speaker or smart display for your home and fill your home with music, completely control your smart home devices, and get access to a virtual assistant to help you with your day.