Your smart home needs a smart garage.

From garage door openers to electric vehicle accessories, shop our selection of smart garage products for added safety, convenience, and comfort.
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  • Enhance your home’s IQ with smart garage products from Best Buy

    Over the last few years, smart home products have become an increasingly important part of our everyday lives—and smart products for the garage are certainly no exception. Today there are a variety of simple and convenient smart garage products that make upgrading one’s garage a wise and easy decision. Not only are these products incredibly convenient, but they also provide valuable security benefits that are sure to keep you and your home and family safer and more secure than ever before. So, if convenience and peace of mind are important to you, perhaps it’s time to enhance your home’s IQ with smart garage products from best Buy?

    Advantages of smart garage products

    There are many advantages and benefits to having smart products installed in your garage. For instance, you’ll enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes from having products like safety sensors to let you know if and when you forget to close your garage door, or if it’s ever opened without your authorization. You’ll also love the convenience of products like automatic garage door openers that allow you to come and go as you please without having to fiddle with clunky remotes or get out of your car. And, since most smart garage products are relatively simple and straightforward to install, you won’t have any trouble getting your smart garage up and running.

    What kinds of products are included in a smart garage?

    Smart garage products include a variety of useful items that are designed to make your life easier—everything from garage door openers to electric vehicle accessories. There are replacement parts for your existing garage door, laser parking assist devices for achieving the perfect park, keychain remote controls for gaining access to your garage, and even electric vehicle charging stations. Some products allow you to control your garage door via a smart phone or tablet, and you can install special sensors that monitor the position of your garage door and let you know if and when a change occurs. There are even entire smart garage hubs that combine many of these features into a single amazing product.

    Compatibility with smart garage products

    Many of today’s smart garage products are compatible with other garage products, and even other smart home devices. With the right setup you can control your garage with a speaker and smart voice assistant like the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can also incorporate smart home ecosystems like Works with Nest, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT (If This Then That) to achieve the perfect integration between your garage and the rest of your smart home. Which system you choose to employ and how you set it up are entirely up to you, meaning your smart home and garage will truly be yours to manage and control.