For hours of fun, the young and young at heart choose stickers & ink stamps

Do you remember going on a road trip with your parents and picking up a sticker album to work on during the drive? For decades, kids have been collecting stickers and sticker sheets as a fun way to pass the time at home or in the car. With new 3D stickers and reusable stickers, the sticker trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Why should you choose stickers & ink stamps for your child?

Stickers are fun for your child, but they’re also a learning tool to help them use their imagination and develop fine motor skills. Sticker albums, sticker sheets and ink stamps can teach children about the art of collecting, building stories, and acting out play scenes.

Stickers are great for road trips, keeping your child busy for hours as he or she works through a sticker scrapbook or craft project.

Types of stickers you can choose

Although a sticker is simply a peel and stick image on a piece of stationary, there are many different types and styles of sticker. You can choose a sticker set that includes everything from a fairytale, farmyard, or your child’s favourite character.

A coloring activity pad with stickers can keep your child busy building imaginative scenes, and there’s also puffy sticker sets, wooden stamp sets, and self-inking stamps to help your child create a story or stamp their personal items.

What can your child create with stickers?

From children in preschool to older children who love to create, a set of stickers can be enjoyed for hours. Preschoolers can use stickers to learn numbers and their ABCs, and they can also use them to play pretend games or create their first crafts. Sticking matching activities teach children about pairing or are used as a tool to teach simple math.

Older kids love creative kits that include stickers. They use these kits to create greeting cards, scrapbooks, crafts, and journals. They can use puffy 3D stickers or scented stickers to create a diary or write their own stories, or use a set of reusable stickers they can go to again and again to create new works of art.

Stickers for adults

Teachers love choosing sticker sets as a teaching tool for their students. Adults also enjoy stickers and self-inking stamps as a fun way to add a touch of style and personalization to their own greeting cards and scrapbooks.

Stickers might seem like a simple play thing, but they have the power to foster imagination and fun. Check out our resources on stickers.