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Tarps are a must-have for every home

Whether you’re using it for camping to protect you from the rain or you’re setting up for shade to protect your vehicle, a tarp is a must-have. Best Buy carries a variety of different tarps to suit every need, and they come in all different types including heavy duty tarps, canvas tarps, camping tarps, and camouflage tarps to blend in with ground cover.

What is a tarp?

A tarp is simply a piece of material that’s used to protect exposed objects or areas. Usually made of durable plastic or waterproof canvas, a tarp’s basic function is to protect an exposed object or cover an area.

Tarps, especially heavy-duty tarps, are usually waterproof or water resistant. They are easy to fold up and store away when you’re not using them.

Common uses for a tarp

A tarp is something you can pull out and use anywhere, but there are a few specific reasons why you would want to have a tarp on hand.

Using a tarp at home

Tarps are one of those outdoor accessories you’ll use in any situation. You can pull it out at home, attach it to posts, and create a gazebo to provide shade in your backyard. If your kids want to beat the summer heat you can turn the hose on a white tarp and it instantly turns into a slip and slide.

A tarp is a handy garden accessory too. You can use a large tarp to cover a section to keep weeds down or pile your weeds and clippings on top of the tarp and tie them up with a drawstring for easy removal.

Camping tarps

A tarp is a must-have when camping. A camping tarp, canvas tarp, or heavy-duty tarp can be placed over your tent to protect it from rain. If you want to protect your camping tent from the wet ground, you can set it up on top of a waterproof tarp.

Collecting rain water is easy if you set up a tarp overhead and use a rain bucket to catch drips, and it’s a must to have a large tarp on hand just in case of emergency punctures to your tent. A large tarp also acts as cover if you’re camping somewhere without a lot of shade.

Cover your vehicle with a tarp

If you don’t have a garage, a large heavy-duty tarp can be used to set up a shade canopy for your car or truck. When transporting goods in the back of your truck, you can also use a tarp to protect your truck bed from scratches or to cover up anything you’re moving or transporting in wet weather.

A plastic tarp can even be put to good use to prevent frost from settling on your windshield overnight. Just cover your windshield with a tarp and you won’t have to spend time scraping in the morning.

A tarp is a versatile must-have item for every home. Take a look at all of the different tarps available on Best Buy right now.