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Toner For HP

Get a Crisp Print Every Time with HP Toner

Your HP printer or copy machine is your go-to for printing all your important documents, letters, and anything else you need to have physical copies of readily available. A happy printer gives you a clear and pristine print every time. Keeping your printer happy means changing it’s toner when needed, and Best Buy has you covered for all your HP toner needs.

What is Toner?

There are two types of printer cartridges, ink and toner. Ink cartridges contain liquid ink and are used in inkjet printers, whereas toner cartridges contain toner, or powder, and are used in laser printers. The dry and powdery substance used for toners creates less of a mess than your typical ink cartridge. There are plenty of benefits to using a laser printer with toner instead of the more dated inkjet printers. Some of these include having to replace cartridges less often, a much faster print out, and significantly better quality of print.

Advantages of HP Toners

HP toners are made to perfectly work with your printer, ensuring you get a clean print every single time. A laser printer paired with the right toner refill saves you the hassle of having to replace the toner as often as you would with an inkjet printer. It also produces streak-free, clear prints every time thanks to the innovative technology of HP laser printers and HP toner cartridges. Toner cartridges can siphon away unused toner and reuse it, producing much less waste and ensuring longevity for the cartridge.

How to Know What Toner You Need

With all the varieties of HP toners available, finding the right toner for you depends entirely on what the model of printer or copy machine you are using is. All models will come with compatible toner options, so all you need to do is check what type of HP toner fits with your make of printer or copier to find it's a perfect match. You can choose between black toner, which is most ideal for printing out black and white documents, or colour HP toner cartridges that use a blend of four colours to create any colour imaginable when printing.