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  • Replace the toner in your Samsung printer or copy machine with Samsung toner

    What is Samsung toner?

    Samsung toner cartridges, sometimes drums as well, are designed to replace those in Samsung laser printers and copy machines. If you have a Samsung laser printer and/or copy machine you will definitely need to replace the Samsung toner cartridge at some point when it needs replacing. Each toner cartridge works with specific machines, so make sure to choose the right one, matching it to the model number.

    The size and shape of the Samsung toner refill depends on which printer or copy machine it’s for, but they are usually long and rectangular or cylindrical. Some are smaller and coffee cup-shaped. Some Samsung printers and copy machines simply require that you replace only the toner cartridge, while with some, you need to change the drum as well. Some Samsung laser printers use a toner cartridge and drum in one that can be inserted into a machine to replace one that has run out.

    Using official Samsung toner will help ensure that your machine continues to function properly and will ensure compatibility and high quality with the machine you own.

    How does Samsung toner differ from standard ink cartridges?

    Unlike inkjet printers that use ink cartridges, laser printers and copy machines require toner in order to print onto a page.

    Toner is a fine, dry powder consisting of a mix of plastic particles, carbon, black and other colouring agents. It is transferred to a page via the electrostatically-charged drum unit, with the colour fused to the paper by heated rollers. As noted, some Samsung laser printers and copy machines, usually those that are lower or mid-range, require that you change both the toner cartridge and drum unit.

    Ink cartridges, by contrast, accomplish the same result but in a very different manner. Rather than dry power, ink is a liquid substance that is tinted with pigments and dyes to create the different colours that then transfer onto the page.

    What types of Samsung toner is available?

    Samsung makes toner cartridges and drums for its many laser printers and copy machines, but you can also get compatible toner cartridges and drums from plenty of third-party brands.

    Most work with multiple Samsung laser printers and/or copy machines, but check the model number carefully to ensure you get the right one. You can get individual colours like black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, multi-packs with many colours, and sets that include two black cartridges for example, so you can have one in the cupboard as a back-up. This way, you don’t need to run back to the store so often or wait for an order to come in online.

    Some toner is high yield or extra capacity, producing 10,000 or more pages per cartridge, ideal for companies or individuals with heavy printing needs, while others might last for up to 5,000 pages.