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FAQ About Top Load Laundry Pairs

You have a house full of miniature athletes who leave their laundry scattered all over the house. Nothing is easy. But having a top load laundry pair will make loading and unloading your scoundrels' soiled clothes less of a headache. And when you missed that one lonely sock you can throw it in without hassle. Shopping for a top load washer and dryer? Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

What are the advantages of a top load washer and dryer?

A top load washer will save your back from strain and you can easily add in extra laundry items at the drop of a hat, or a sock. The dryers in the pair aren't top load but are called so because the buttons are on the top. You can save that loose change that tumbles out in the dryer because top load laundry pairs are traditionally more budget friendly than front load models. Plus, advancing technologies mean top load washers are available in high efficiency models, so you won't be afraid to take a peek at your hydro bill.

What should I consider before buying a top load washer dryer?

Think about your laundry habits. If you do a lot of laundry and appreciate an easy load experience, consider a large-capacity top load laundry pair to meet your needs. Think about how much room you have in your house. Laundry pairs can't be stacked, unlike laundry centres or front load pairs, and may not be ideal for smaller living spaces. Top load laundry machines don't require such a substantial rubber seal because of their ergonomic upright design. Thanks to this, they don't produce as much mould as front load washers, which have rubber seals that can attract mould and an unpleasant odour.

What are the latest advanced features for top load washer dryers?

Top load laundry pairs have come a long way since having to compete with front load machines. Agitators have historically been the defining difference but now high-efficiency top load washers come without agitators, for gentler and more energy efficient cleaning.

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