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Tricycle strollers make walking with your toddler even more fun

No matter what the weather, toddlers will love to talk a walk outside to see the birds, trees, or just go on an adventure to the park. What they don’t always enjoy is sitting still in a regular baby stroller, and that’s why a tricycle stroller is great option for a growing child.

What is a tricycle stroller?

A tricycle stroller is a tricycle that doubles as a stroller. It has the frame, wheels, and pedals of a tricycle, but there’s a stroller handle, canopy, and stroller storage built in.

Tricycle strollers, also known as push trikes, give your child a way to burn off energy. If they’d like they can pedal themselves, and when they get tired, they can take a break and you can push them. You’re in control of the trike, but your child has a feeling of independence as they navigate the sidewalk.

Benefits of a tricycle stroller

Tricycle strollers give your child a safe way to exercise. Because he or she will actively be riding their tricycle, they will be completely engaged in the activity.

Toddlers who pedal tricycle strollers improve their motor skills. The act of pedaling and figuring out how to steer the stroller are useful for improving muscle strength and preparing your child to ride a full-size bike.

Features and options available in tricycle strollers

There are a number of different options when choosing a tricycle stroller. You’ll want to choose one that grows with your child, and you’ll find 3-in-1, 4-in-1, and 6-in-1 tricycle strollers.

6-in-1 tricycle strollers are meant for younger babies around 6 months, and parents will choose this type when they want the tricycle stroller to grow adapt from baby to toddler. The main difference between this and other types of push trike are the features available as a stroller, tricycle stroller, and full tricycle.

The canopy may be wider on a 6-in-1 model, and there are storage baskets similar to a full stroller. You can find models with touch steering, and the seat may be able to rotate 180 degrees so you can have your baby front facing and toward you.

4-in-1 tricycle strollers are for babies beginning around 9 months. This type of trike stroller offers 4 ways to ride beginning with an infant trike, steering trike, learning to ride trike, and a full tricycle your child can ride on his or her own. Like the 6-in-1, this model of tricycle stroller will grow with your child, and can easily be swapped out as a stroller or a tricycle depending on your needs.

When choosing a tricycle stroller, you should look for durable material, 5-point harnesses for safety, and models that’s easy to operate. You’ll want to consider whether or not the model you choose has a removeable hand rest so your toddler can pedal completely on his or her own when desired.

Should you choose a tricycle stroller or balance bike?

Tricycle strollers and a balance bikes give your toddler the best of all worlds. A tricycle stroller gives your child a safe way to exercise while on walks in busy areas, while a balance bike is great for building motor skills and core strength in a safe, enclosed location.

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