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How to choose a vibrator or sex toy

Shopping for a vibrator online (commonly misspelled as "vibrater," but you want the "o" in there) doesn't have to be a daunting prospect. No longer a product category that hides in the shadows, vibrators and other sex toys can be a healthy, enjoyable part of your pleasure routine.

Sex toys are used by adults of all life stages, from single people to partners who have been together for decades. They're often used for pleasure, stress relief, and by couples in long-distance relationships.

One of the great things about a vibrator is that it can be both exploratory and pleasurable. Using a toy by yourself is an excellent way to find out what your body best responds to. However, you and your partner can also integrate sexy toys into your relationship to increase your pleasure and enjoy new sensations together.

How to choose your first vibrator

To choose your first vibrator or sex toy, start by considering what kind of sensations you'd like to experience. Dildos, air pulse toys, and vibrators all deliver different types of sensations.

Dildos offer a touch-based pressure sensation, which you can control the angle and intensity of. Air pulse toys offer pinpoint sensations that don't numb the user. Vibrators transfer a rumbling vibration from a motor to you or your partner's intimate areas. Smaller models like vibrating bullets generally offer less intensity in a discreet, compact package, while vibrating wands deliver strong vibrations to a larger area.

Vibrators come in many different forms, such as vibrating cock rings, bullets, and wands, as well as clitoral vibrators and g-spot vibrating dildos. They are not a replacement for a partner but are instead something that can be used alone or with a partner for a unique experience.

How to use a vibrator

To use a vibrator, try setting the scene, relaxing, and following your body's natural curiosity. Let yourself test out different levels of intensity, patterns of vibration, and sensation spots.

Vibrators put their handlers in charge, allowing you to enhance your experience with new sensations and, in some cases, app-based controls.

How to clean and care for your sex toys

Sex toy care is easy. If you can wash the dishes, you can wash your sex toys safely.

First, check to see if your toy is fully waterproof. If it is, great! Wash with soap and water and dry fully before and after each use. If it isn't, use a ten percent bleach spray or a damp, soapy cloth to fully clean the surface of the toy before and after use, then allow to dry fully.

Use a water-based lubricant with silicone toys to prevent damage and discomfort, and make sure to only insert toys where recommended by the manufacturer. When used safely with fully consenting partners, sex toys of all kinds are a creative, shame-free way to heighten pleasure.