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FAQ About Wireless USB Adapters

Let’s face it: most of us like to stay connected to the internet whether at home or on the go. Even more so, we want to be connected as quickly as possible. However, you may find yourself slowed down by a weak wireless signal, stuck in a location with no signal at all, or with an older computer without built-in WiFi. If you’ve got one or more of these issues, a wireless USB adapter is an easy solution. Read on for answers to any questions you may have.

What is a wireless USB adapter?

Wireless USB adapters, also known as USB WiFi adapters, are external mobile internet sticks that resemble jump drives, except they’re no mere storage solution. They plug into the USB port on your laptop to offer the convenience of instant and expedient online access wherever there's a WiFi connection.

What should I look for when buying a USB WiFi adapter?

Getting the most out of your wireless USB adapter depends on the right kind of features. Some of the notable ones you should look for are network compatibility for hassle-free connection flexibility; a wide reception range that gives you access to the different variants of network standards; USB compatibility that allows you to choose the data transfer speed; data encryption to protect your data and personal info, and quick and easy set-up that allows you to create multiple network profiles.

What are the benefits of having a USB WiFi adapter?

The most obvious benefit of going wireless is eliminating the hassle of cables and wires, allowing you to conveniently bring your laptop to public places such as cafés and hotels to connect to the web. Also on the list of positives is fast and easy plug-and-play setup, connection to multiple devices such as your smartphone or tablet, boosted connection speed, and increased security and privacy from hackers.

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