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Have a Great Time Accessorizing with Women's Watches

Wearing a watch is an easy way to add a subtle refinement to your style. Like a great pair of a shoes or a stellar handbag, the right watch pulls your look together—and it'll help you get to every part of your busy day on time, too.

Think of watches as an enhanced accessory. While other fashionable accoutrements may be worn for purely aesthetic reasons, like a great set of earrings or a delicate necklace, a watch does double-time by looking stylish while offering additional functionality. Depending on the watch, that may be as simple as showing the time, or it may be as complex as reading you your messages and tracking your steps. Select a watch (or a few watches) that can keep up with your lifestyle while reflecting your personal wardrobe.

Show Your Sporty Style with a Wristwatch

If you spend a lot of time at the tennis court or on the treadmill, look for a sport watch that emphasizes comfort and durability. Extra functions like a stopwatch or calendar will help you track your workouts, and waterproofing is a must!

Many wearers find digital watches easier to read in an instant, with timers and chronographs that can chime or flash on the digital display during a solo workout. As a result, sport watches frequently have digital faces in rugged resin casings. This resin casing is easy to clean and will help absorb impact during your activities, but it isn't always the most compatible with your everyday outfits—so don't be afraid of leaving your sport watch in your gym bag and swapping it out for something more fashionable.

Formal Luxury Watches for Women

Formal women's watches are available in a wide selection of finishes. Traditionally, luxury watches will have luxury leather or bracelet-style links and an accented watch face, and they're typically offered in a range of different metals. Gold watches for women are an ever-present classic, but rose gold, silver, and combinations thereof are increasing in popularity. (Bracelets with both silver and gold links are an easy way to "hack" your colour palette!).

Luxury watches may have more limited functionality, but are suitable for formal events thanks to their sleek profiles. As in fine jewelry, these pieces are made from high-quality materials, and their simple designs will remain stylish for decades.

The Best Informal Women's Watches

For a great everyday watch, opt for a comfortable watch band that suits your style. There are plenty of designer watches for women that are available with high quality leather straps, comfortable bracelets, or even interchangeable bands. For a very modern look, seek out a watch with rose gold features or accents, which will compliment both warm and cool skin tones.