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  • Enjoy the ultimate computing experience with a 4K monitor.

    The basics of 4K monitors

    The primary difference between 4K monitors and everything else is resolution. These monitors have panels with 3840 x 2160 pixels. That’s over 8 million pixels in total (four times the number in a Full HD 1080p display), for a razor sharp picture.

    One of the advantages of 4K resolution is that it retains that sharpness even on a larger panel. So if you choose a 27 inch 4K monitor or even a 32 inch 4K monitor, you are not going to see a hint of pixelation.

    When choosing a new 4K monitor, there are a few other features to be aware of. Response time indicates how long it takes a pixel to change colour, while refresh rate is how quickly the screen contents are redrawn. A 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate are pretty standard for 4K monitors, but gamers will want a faster (lower) response time and faster (higher) refresh rate.

    Contrast ratio is a measurement of the ratio between the brightest white and darkest black a monitor can display. 1000:1 is a good target, and a higher ratio is better. Many 4K monitors support HDR (High Dynamic Range), which provides more dynamic images.

    Level Up Your Viewing Experience

    There are many options to level up your viewing experience. Picture quality can get even better by picking a model with premium features. For example an LG 4K monitor might offer professional-level colour accuracy, a non-glare panel, or support extreme viewing angles. You might want to opt for a super-stylish Samsung 4K monitor with a modern design to complement your office decor.

    The ultimate upgrade might just be a second 4K monitor ...

    Why switch to a 4K monitor?

    No matter how you use your computer, there’s a compelling reason to upgrade to a 4K monitor.

    The ultra high resolution makes text crystal clear. You can be more productive by having more windows open and viewable at the same time. When editing images or video, 4K resolution gives you a vast, crystal clear area to work in. You can have multiple palettes open at the same time, significantly improving the editing workflow. Gamers appreciate the fact that 4K graphics offer an unprecedented level of detail, for gameplay that reaches new heights of immersion.

    4K monitors also offer the ultimate viewing experience for Ultra HD 4K streaming video, especially if you choose a model with HDR support.

    Don’t forget to upgrade your accessories!

    There are a few accessory upgrades to consider when you move to a 4K monitor.

    The most important is your HDMI cables. Make sure you use HDMI 2.0 cables, which support 4K video at 60 fps, offer a far wider range of colours, and allow you to enjoy the latest audio standards including Dolby Atmos.

    Speaking of audio, now might be the time to equip your setup with a multi-channel computer speaker system!

    Finally, you might want to install a mounting stand. Even a 24-inch 4K monitor takes up some desk space, but a mounting stand eliminates that footprint, giving you more room to work.

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