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The MacBook in all its forms

The MacBook Air over the years

Apple has been manufacturing MacBooks for many years now, and they come in two designs: the Air and the Pro. While they each fall under the same concept of being an Apple MacBook laptop, they also bear significant differences that set them apart. The MacBook Air is thinner and lighter, whereas the MacBook Pro is more powerful and performative, drawing on other distinctions that set them apart.

Each of these lines have gone through iterative improvements over the years, with the Pro largely offering models with larger displays, and higher spec counts. The Air is most commonly found in a 13.3-inch size, but you can easily find Air and Pro models featuring Retina displays at that size, and others.

Apple has traditionally positioned each line into broader categories. For instance, the MacBook Pro may be slightly heavier (though getting lighter with each generation), but is also more of a workhorse, given that it often has more processing power and memory to handle more demanding tasks. The MacBook Air is considered more of a casual laptop that is capable of getting things done when your needs aren’t as substantial. Though it’s a very capable laptop for most people in its own right, especially for use on the go.

How MacBooks have changed

Up until 2020, Apple designed its MacBooks to run on Intel-based processors using x86 architecture, which is the same as that Windows PC laptops use. That was the year Apple introduced its own silicon in the M series chipsets, which are found in the latest models.

The ARM system on a chip (SoC) is a different architecture altogether, and since it was built with macOS in mind, the efficiency and power-saving performance greatly improve how apps and tasks run on the hardware and software.

The newer chip also boosts battery life because of that extra efficiency. There are also improvements in CPU performance, GPU performance, and machine learning capabilities. Bottom line: Apple M chips are making MacBooks more and more powerful, feature-rich, intelligent, and efficient, with each new generation.

Do more with either MacBook

MacBooks are laptops, but with the right accessories, can be so much more. Use the included ports, ranging from USB-C to Thunderbolt, or grab a hub or adapter to expand what you can connect to the computer.

Plug in a larger monitor with an external keyboard and mouse, for example, for a true desktop space. Use Sidecar on your iPad to make it a secondary Mac display when you need a second or third screen to work with. Slide in a memory card to work on photos or video by accessing them directly.

Some newer MacBook Pro models have features like Touch Bar for frequently used commands and Touch ID for easily unlocking the computer and logging into websites, software, and other programs using stored passwords, which makes operation a breeze. With slick keyboards and smooth trackpads, any MacBook laptop is primed to simplify how easy it is to get the job done.