Dyson vacuums and floor care

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  • Why buy a Dyson vacuum?

    Vacuuming your house doesn't have to feel like a chore. With powerful, convenient Dyson vacuums, cleaning up everyday messes can be a breeze.

    Dyson vacuums are known for their cutting-edge technology, easy maintenance, and powerful suction. The brand uses proprietary dustbins and motors that make achieving a deep clean convenient, even around tricky corners and furniture. With plenty of different vacuum styles, Dyson lets you choose the best bagless vacuum for your needs.

    Lightweight stick vacuums from Dyson

    With models like the Dyson V8, V10, and V11, Dyson is the first stop for many shoppers when looking for a cordless stick vacuum. The brand's cordless stick vacuum design features a powerful motor located in the handle along with removable attachments, so each stick vacuum can be used for more than just floors. Different attachments are ideal for car cleaning, upholstery, corner detailing, and more.

    Dyson stick vacuums are very popular in apartments and smaller homes, as their portable size limits their battery life but makes them stylish and easy to store. For households and families worried about allergens in the home, the Dyson Animal vacuum models help remove even more dander and hair than the original.

    Stick vacuums often have a shorter lifespan than corded vacuums, but Dyson vacuums are designed to have their parts repaired and replaced as necessary. Regular maintenance and updating will help keep your Dyson stick vacuum working like new for as long as possible.

    Looking for a Dyson handheld vacuum?

    With multiple, interchangeable accessories, the Dyson stick vacuum line doubles as handheld vacuums. These lightweight vacuums, including the popular Dyson V7, can easily handle both large messes and small spills in your home.

    Dyson upright vacuums

    Another popular Dyson vacuum category is the upright vacuum, where the iconic Dyson Ball vacuum reimagined the traditional upright vacuum design. The smooth-pivoting Dyson Ball is easy to turn with precision and comes with a flexible hose, giving you the convenience of a stick vacuum with far more power. Attach Dyson accessories like the Groom Tool and Stubborn Dirt Brush to clean your pets and stuck-on messes with little fuss.

    The corded design of a Dyson upright vacuum is loved for its flexibility as well as its ability to reach deep into textiles and carpets during cleans.

    Powerful Dyson canister vacuums

    Dyson's bagless canister vacuums are easy to wheel across both smooth floors and carpet. Perfect for large homes with or without pets, the distance between a Dyson canister vacuum's 2 Tier Radial cyclones and vacuum head allows it to generate intense suction during use.

    For more specific uses in any Dyson line, look for Animal or Allergy+ options to fit your home's exact needs.