Geek Squad Certified Open Box Products

Save on mint condition products, inspected and certified by Geek Squad.

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Save on Geek Squad certified open box products

Save big on open box products at Best Buy, including those from a special selection of Geek Squad-certified open box products from which to choose.

What are open box versus Geek Squad certified open box products?

Open box products at Best Buy have never been used and have been fully inspected to ensure they are in full, like-new working condition. Some of them may have minor cosmetic damage that is not visible unless you look closely, or that is in an unnoticeable spot, like on the back or the sides. Sometimes, they may not come in their original packaging.

By comparison, Geek Squad certified open box products are a special selection of previously opened products. They have been fully inspected, tested, and certified by top Geek Squad agents. Either in mint condition or with minor defects, they come in their original packaging, with all the original accessories. But most importantly, they operate (and look) like new, and come with a one-year warranty. And they’re offered at heavily discounted prices.

You can find lots of cool products through the Best Buy Outlet and under the Geek Squad open box umbrella, including hundreds of deals on laptops and MacBooks, tablets and iPads, monitors and desktops, televisions, soundbars, cell phones, headphones, cameras, wearable technology, and watches.

Do Geek Squad Certified Open Box products come with a warranty?

All Geek Squad Certified Open Box products come with full warranties provided by either the manufacturer or Geek Squad. Please note, the original warranty of your Open Box product may still be valid. Warranties provided by Geek Squad start on the date you purchase your Open Box product and extend for 1 year from that date. 

Get the phone you want through Geek Squad certified open box

Find an amazing deal on a Geek Squad certified open box cell phone, including models from top brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google. Geek Squad certified phones include both older-model devices as well as brand-new phones, all being offered at heavy discounts. They have been fully tested to assure they are in perfect working order and pristine condition (or possibly with minor cosmetic defects). Take advantage of Geek Squad certified open box cell phones to get your hands on a premium smartphone that might have otherwise been out of reach due to the high price. Or enjoy the big savings and use the extra funds toward an annual service plan and/or accessories.

Save with a Geek Squad certified open box tablets and iPads

Another area where you can enjoy huge savings when opting for a Best Buy Geek Squad certified open box product is tablets, including Apple’s popular iPad. Find highly sought-after models from not only Apple but also Samsung, Lenovo, and even Microsoft Surface hybrid 2-in-1 devices. There are models at various price points, including both Wi-Fi and 5G options. It’s not just the higher-end models you can save on either: there are plenty of deals for entry-level, smaller, older-model, and lower-cost iPads and tablets, too. Ideal for gifting or upgrading your ancient tablet with something fresh and new, many of these tablets are on for a steal.

Upgrade your living room with a Geek Squad certified open box TV

The television is an expensive purchase for the home, especially if you want to go with a big 4K screen or a premium technology like OLED. With a Geek Squad certified TV, you’ll find displays in all sizes and types from which to choose, all of which are in perfect working condition. They’ll look stunning in your living room, den, bedroom, or basement, either on a stand or mounted flush to the wall (which could hide cosmetic damage, if any). Options range from as small as 32 inches (perfect for the kitchen or kids’ room) up to a massive 86-incher, a showstopper for the theatre room. Choose from brands like Samsung, Insignia, LG, Sony, Pioneer, and Toshiba, from 720p up to 4K, and all types of smart TV interfaces, like Fire TV and Google TV. Geek Squad certified televisions include both new models as well as older ones, and both LED and OLED. You’ll find everything from Samsung’s gorgeous The Frame TV to outdoor TVs for the backyard, with pricing slashed for big savings.