Google Media Streamers


Google Chromecast turns every TV into a smart TV

With a Google Chromecast plugged into your TV, you have one of the easiest ways to stream your favourite movies, TV shows, or your own content.

What is a Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a dongle that will plug into any TV via the HDMI port. It’s very small and extremely compact, so you’ll never see it after it’s plugged in.

After launching the first generation of Chromecast in 2013, Google Chromecast is now in its third generation. The third generation supports full 1080p HD content and is compatible with over 1000 apps. Everything you want to watch or listen to, from movies to sports or your favourite playlists, can be streamed to your TV via Google Chromecast.

How does Chromecast work?

To use your Chromecast, all you have to do is plug it into your TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. There isn’t an external remote control as it is simply controlled via your smartphone or tablet. To stream to your TV you’ll open up an app like Netflix, Prime, or YouTube, find content you’d like to watch, and tap the Cast icon.

Any app that supports Google Cast will offer the Cast feature on your phone, and you will instantly see it stream to your TV. Chromecast is compatible with so many different apps, you’ll never run out of new content to watch.

How does a Chromecast compare against other media streamers?

Chromecast is one of the smallest media streamers available. Because it plugs into your HDMI port and doesn’t require external power, it won’t clutter your entertainment unit with cords and cables.

If you have an older TV that doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in, adding a Chromecast will instantly turn it into a smart TV. Because Chromecast is so inexpensive, you can add it to every TV you own, even if it’s at a vacation property, and just leave it plugged in for whenever you need it.

Because Chromecast will cast content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, almost anything you watch on your computer will be available to cast to your TV. That gives you the benefit of using the biggest screen in your home to watch everything you’d like to watch.

You can use your Chromecast with your Google Home, and they work so seamlessly that you’ll be able to control your TV hands-free just by saying “OK Google.”

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