HP Instant Ink Eligible Printers


A plan for all your printing needs.

Find out how you can get ink or toner delivered to your door with an HP Instant Ink plan.

Reasons to get an Instant Ink compatible printer

Ink is ordered automatically.

HP printers can order their own ink so you don't have to.

Ink is delivered directly to you.

Your new ink will arrive before you even know you need it.

Plans start at $1.89 per month.

The low monthly fee includes ink, shipping, and recycling.

Simple and easy recycling.

Drop used ink cartridges into prepaid return envelopes and HP handles the rest.

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Frequently asked questions about HP Instant Ink printers

Save money while never running out of ink with HP Instant Ink printers.

What does Instant Ink mean on a printer?

Instant Ink is a revolutionary program from HP that eliminates the biggest pain point of inkjet printers: running out of ink. The subscription program also cuts the cost of printing by offering savings of up to 50% compared to buying ink cartridges.

When you enroll HP Instant Ink eligible printers like the HP Envy 4500 or HP OfficeJet Pro 8610, they track your printing usage, including ink levels. Your printer will order its own ink as needed, automatically. A replacement ink cartridge is then delivered to your door shortly before your current cartridge is empty, so you never need to worry about running out at a bad time. A prepaid envelope is included to send the used ink cartridge back to HP for recycling.

Your Instant Ink subscription cost is based on how many pages you choose to print per month. You don’t pay for cartridges, just the monthly subscription fee based on printing anywhere from 15 to 700 pages per month. Unused pages at the end of the month roll over to the next month (overages are a small additional cost), and you can cancel the subscription any time you wish.

Is Instant Ink available on all HP printers?

A wide range of HP printers is able to participate in this program. HP publishes an updated Instant Ink eligible printers list where you can confirm if your printer is one of these. As well, any new HP printers eligible for Instant Ink will have an indicator on their box. Among the HP Instant Ink printers Canada has access to are popular models including the HP Envy 7855 wireless all-in-one photo printer, and the HP DeskJet 3755, wireless colour all-in-one printer.

Can I use a regular ink cartridge on HP Instant Ink compatible printers?

HP’s Instant Ink service uses special cartridges that are much higher capacity than standard inkjet cartridges. You can’t pop out an Instant Ink cartridge and use it in a different HP printer. However, you are free to use a regular HP ink cartridge in an HP Instant Ink compatible printer. In fact, it will come with a regular starter cartridge. Should you choose to end your Instant Ink subscription, you can go right back to using regular HP ink cartridges. 

How do I connect my HP printer to Instant Ink?

There are only four things required to connect your HP printer to Instant Ink:

  • An HP Instant Ink eligible printer such as the HP OfficeJet 4630
  • An internet connection for the printer
  • A valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal account
  • A valid e-mail address