Kids Headphones with Built-In Mic

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Online learning is easier with kids headphones with a microphone

Kids headphones with a microphone make it easy for your child to hear and chat during online classes

It can be hard to concentrate when taking online classes, but kids headphones with a microphone can help. Rather than add an external microphone to your computer that stays on all the time, kids headphones with a microphone can be controlled by you or your child. This style of children’s headphones is the best option for online learning because the microphone is built in to the headphones. When they would like to chat with their teacher or classmates, they can tap a button on their headphones and talk. To mute their microphone, they can just tap the button again. You can find kids wireless headphones with a microphone that are rechargeable or children’s headphones that are plugged in to the audio jack on your computer. Designed for children, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours of class time.