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Open Box & Refurbished Tablets

A brand new tablet is packaged by the manufacturer and sent to the retailer to be sold directly to the customer, never coming out of its packaging until you take it home. By contrast, open box and refurbished products were previously opened, potentially even used, but are sold at deep discounts.

An open box tablet was previously sold to a customer and then returned for whatever reason: they changed their mind, bought something else, didn’t like it, and so on. The tablet is inspected by the retailer to ensure it is in working condition, then put back onto the shelf to be resold as open box, with pricing reflecting its condition. Geek Squad-verified open box items at Best Buy go through a thorough test to verify that they are in as-new condition.

Best Buy refurbished tablets similarly have also been opened before but were returned typically due to a faulty component or other issue. They are sent back to the manufacturer for professional repair. All features and parts are tested, the tablet is wiped clean of its data, then reconditioned and repackaged to be sold again. This means they are usually in excellent condition again once they are ready for resale.

Is it safe or worth buying an open box or refurbished tablet?

Buying a refurbished or open box tablet has advantages. First is pricing, since you’ll save on the cost which could make sense if you’re getting a tablet for a child or to use as a secondary remote for the home, for example. Second, you still get a full warranty in most cases, along with all accessories. Geek Squad-certified open box products include a full warranty and qualify for no-hassle returns. Some products, depending on the seller, might require a small restocking fee should you return them opened. Third, opting for an open box or refurbished tablet can help the environment, keeping products that are in good working order out of landfills.

Refurbished tablets are like new, with faulty parts replaced and issues repaired so it is operating again like it did when it was first manufactured. And with an open box tablet, there’s a chance it’s still in perfect condition, possibly never even used or used only once or twice.

What types of open box and refurbished tablets are available?

Open box and refurbished tablets are available from many manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, ZTE, and more. They come in different sizes and storage capacities and include older-model tablets as well as the newest versions.

With open box items, the condition is noted on the box and any defects or cosmetic damage is clearly disclosed, like a scratch on the back or power button that sticks. But if it’s rated as 10/10 or 9/10, you can expect it to look and run like new.