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Get the laptop you want for a lot less, with open box laptops

What are open box laptops?

Most open box laptops are units that have been bought and then returned by a customer. They weren’t sent back because of a malfunction or defect, but because the customer didn’t like some aspect of the laptop (it may have been the wrong size or colour). They may have changed their mind and decided a different laptop would be a better choice. Whatever the reason, the open box laptops for sale at Best Buy offer the opportunity for significant savings.

What are the benefits of buying open box laptops?

The key benefit of buying an open box laptop is saving money. And the savings can be quite substantial. For example, an open box MacBook Air will offer a discount, even compared to sale prices. When you buy an open box gaming laptop instead of brand new, you may have enough money left over for a new gaming monitor as well.

How safe is buying an open box laptop?

Best Buy makes it as risk-free as possible to purchase open box laptops. Geek Squad certified open box laptops include a full warranty and qualify for Best Buy’s no-hassle return policy.

Are open box laptops brand new, fully functional and free of defects?

Out of box laptops are sold as fully functional computers, but they are not necessarily brand new. Some have been returned by customers who never even opened them, however, they may also have been used for a few days before the original buyer decided this wasn’t the laptop for them.

Best Buy’s own Geek Squad certified open box laptops set the standard—if a laptop is not in “as new” condition, it won’t make the cut.

What are Geek Squad certified open box laptops?

Geek Squad certified open box laptops are your guarantee that you’re receiving the absolute best units.

Laptops that have been returned by customers are subjected to extensive testing, returned to factory settings, and verified to be in as-new condition. They include all original accessories and the full manufacturer’s warranty. If it passes all of the required performance standards, an open box laptop receives the “Geek Squad certified” label. This gives you the peace of mind that the open box MacBook Pro or Chromebook you are buying will be as good as new—just less expensive.