Outdoor TVs


Take the viewing outside with an outdoor TV

How is an outdoor TV different from a regular TV?

It might seem tempting to cart your living room or basement TV out to the back deck to watch the game with neighbours or friends while kicking back under the sun or stars. But this could be detrimental to your TV. There is, indeed, a difference between an indoor TV and a specially made outdoor TV.

Outdoor TVs are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, including both heat and cold, as well as other weather and environmental conditions like rain, snow, dust, and even insects. This is because they employ rugged designs and are also fully sealed and enclosed. The exterior is rustproof and even cable hookups are weatherproof and use materials that resist corrosion.

Beyond that, however, outdoor TVs are also designed to handle brighter light and reflections so they're more pleasurably viewable in direct sunlight. In fact, based on nits, the measurement for brightness, outdoor TVs can be as much as 50 percent brighter.

How can you enjoy an outdoor TV in an outdoor space at home?

Now that you understand the value in investing in an outdoor TV, how can you best enjoy one?

Outdoor TVs include commonly found inputs like HDMI, coaxial, and USB, so you can insert a media device or plug in a source and stream content. Most outdoor TVs have weather-tight media bays to keep the device protected as well. You can get a smart outdoor TV as well, with pre-loaded apps for popular streaming services, so all you'll need is an active Wi-Fi connection.

Set it up on your back patio, front deck, boat, or even in the garage, and enjoy a private viewing oasis. Watch the big game with friends without keeping the kids up. Entertain kids while you tend to outdoor chores. Or sit back and enjoy an evening outside with the family while watching your favourite show. Chances are you'll use an outdoor TV more than you thought you would during the warmer months. Outdoor TVs are a must to have a great outdoor theater experience.

What you need to know about outdoor TVs

While outdoor TVs can be used in all weather, there are limitations. Most outdoor TVs operate from -31°C to 40°C, with a storage temperature up to 60°C. If you live where temperatures tend to dip or rise below or above these numbers, spend more for a TV with a higher temperature rating. Either way, use a protective fitted cover for the TV during the off season and when not in use.

Outdoor TVs range from 43 to 75 inches but go bigger than what you think you might want. Figure out how and where to mount it securely, and the content source if it's not a smart TV.

Note that if the TV is rated for partial or full shade, it's intended for use on a covered patio or it's a tv for outdoor porch, or even in a boat. The best TV for outdoor decks that can be completely out in the open will cost a bit more.