Outdoor Theatre

Enjoy summer nights in your own outdoor theatre

One of the best parts of summer is watching movies outside. With an outdoor entertainment area set up in your backyard or at your campsite, you can invite friends and family over for movie night anytime.

What is a backyard entertainment area?

An outdoor entertainment area is an area in your yard that you’ve dedicated to watching movies or enjoying outdoor entertainment. It’s a lot like bringing your home entertainment or living room outside. There are a few must-haves for a backyard entertainment space.

Use an outdoor projector to stream movies and more

To host outdoor movie nights, you’ll need to choose between an outdoor projector or an outdoor TV. An outdoor projector is the most common choice for streaming movies outside. You’ll find many different types of outdoor projectors including mini projectors that are portable and are meant to be mounted and stay in one outdoor location.

An outdoor TV is a TV meant to be placed in an outdoor entertainment space or on your patio. They look just like your living room TV and have the same amazing picture quality, but this TV is weather resistant. Setting up an outdoor TV is easy when you have outdoor TV mounts.

Outdoor projector screens are easy to set up

An outdoor projector screen is a type of screen that’s weather resistant. You can find inflatable outdoor projector screens that are easy to inflate and deflate when you’re finished watching. There are also more permanent outdoor projector screens you can mount on the side of your house. These screens offer a smooth, non-reflective surface for the brightest possible images.

Outdoor speakers stream your favourite playlists

Video quality is important when watching movies outside, but having an outdoor sound system is just as important. With outdoor speakers or a sound bar you’ll be able to turn your movies up as loud as you’d like.

You can choose wireless outdoor speakers you can place around your backyard entertainment area to provide a surround sound effect. You can also choose outdoor Bluetooth speakers that run on battery power so they can be placed anywhere. There are even outdoor sub woofers or outdoor rock speakers that look like they are part of your landscaping. If you like hi-fi sound quality, you can set up your outdoor sound system using outdoor speaker wire.

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