Propane BBQs

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The many benefits of propane BBQs

What is a propane BBQ?

Propane BBQs are one of the two main types of gas grills on the market today; the other is natural gas BBQs. This type of grill uses a tank full of liquid propane as its fuel, and it’s popular with many backyard cooks due to a variety of different factors, such as its exceptional convenience and ease of use. Among the other features that make propane attractive to users are its combination of portability and high BTU rate. Propane has double to triple the heating power of natural gas, is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than charcoal, and is a relatively easy type of BBQ to set up and use successfully.

What are the benefits of a propane BBQ?

Propane BBQs have many advantages over other grill types. They’re easier to start up than charcoal grills—and much easier to clean! They don’t require professional installation to a fixed fuel hookup like natural gas grills—meaning you’ll save money on setup and installation. And you’ll also be able to move the grill around your back yard or even off your property if you wish, such as to a camp site if your model is small enough to be portable. Propane BBQs also cook with a nice, even heat that gives users excellent control over the final outcome of their meal.

Propane grills generally reach their full cooking temperature in about 15 minutes, and many models offer additional features like side burners and rotisseries for things like keeping different food items at different temperatures while cooking or waiting to be served. Although you won’t be able to achieve some of the more complex flavours that are possible with charcoal grills, you also won’t have to worry about messing up some of the more skillful aspects of grilling that are required to realize those flavours. Propane BBQs make it easy for virtually anyone to achieve great cooking results.

What are the differences between a propane BBQ and other fuel types?

Among the key differences between propane and other BBQ types is the high, even heat they provide, which is high relative to natural gas grills and distributes its heat more evenly across the entire grill relative to charcoal. Propane grills are also clean burning, making them environmentally friendly, and they’re easy to maintain and clean up after use.

Propane grills also require no special installation process, meaning you can use them virtually anywhere in your back yard or off-site. You will have to keep propane tanks on hand with spare fuel ready for use. Always keep at least one full backup tank ready in case your attached tank runs out midway through cooking a meal. Other than that, propane BBQs are excellent for backyard grilling and easy for even the most amateur of cooks to use.