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Capture and interact hands-free with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

Capture and interact hands-free with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

With the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, you can snap photos and videos, speak to AI, share content, and more, all hands free.

What are the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses?

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are lightweight eyeglasses that come in a range of frame styles and colours. Use them to capture photos and video (with audio), listen to music with the discreet open-ear design, and more, all completely hands-free. You’ll never miss a pivotal moment again while also being able to stay present.

Use “Hey Meta” voice commands to do things like play/pause, snap a photo or start shooting a video, answer or make a call or send a message, and more. As Ray-Ban camera glasses, you can also instantly share content with friends, family members, and followers.

With convenient buttons on the sides of the frame, long battery life with an included charging case, and the ability to get these with prescription lenses, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses represent the future of wearable tech.

How are the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses better than the previous generation version?

Compared to the previous generation glasses, the camera is improved at an ultra-wide 12MP: the Ray-Ban video glasses can now capture video up to 1,080p resolution and 60 seconds in length. Sharing is also simplified with a “send a photo” voice command. Combined with a 5-mix system, custom-designed speakers offer extended bass, higher volume, and improved directional audio to help prevent audio leakage. Whether you’re listening to music outside on a windy day or recording a podcast in a noisy environment, you’ll notice the difference.

Powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 platform, they are faster and more responsive. The new charging case is smaller, thin enough to fit in your back pocket, and offers eight additional charges for up to 36 hours of use. Livestream right from the glasses to Facebook and Instagram, and view comments or hear them read aloud.

Overall style has been improved, too. The glasses are thinner, lighter, and more comfortable to wear all day. They are IPX4 water resistant with an improved touchpad and interaction earcons for responding more quickly to commands.

What types of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can you get?

The Ray-Ban smart glasses come in the Wayfarer or more retro-styled Headliner design, with a variety of frame colours from which to choose. Choose among various high-performance lens options, including polarized and transitions, blue light filter, standard or large size. You can even add prescription lenses as well to use these as your everyday glasses.

The glasses recharge via USB-C and using the case. They connect to an app on both an Android (10.0+ with location services enabled) or iPhone (14.4+) device. You’ll need internet access as well as a Meta account, and once connected, immerse yourself in a whole new view of the world around you.