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Samsung dishwashers are the perfect blend of style and technology

When you have a Samsung dishwasher, you have more than an appliance that can wash your dishes. Samsung dishwashers have roomy interiors, the latest dish washing technology, and smart features to automate your dish washing.

One look at a Samsung dishwasher and you’ll immediately notice the style and features that set them apart from other brands.

Stainless steel dishwasher with bar handle

Samsung dishwashers are available in a variety of finishes including white, black stainless steel, stainless steel, and panel ready for a seamless look with your other Samsung appliances. A Samsung Stainless Steel dishwasher is available with a bar handle or a recessed handle.

Control panels are hidden away

When you choose a Samsung dishwasher you get your choice of styles, and part of that style includes where the control panel is located. You’ll find Samsung dishwashers with front touch control panels, front button control panels, and Samsung Waterwall dishwasher have Hidden Touch top control panels that tuck away when you close the door.

The latest in dish washing technology

Samsung dishwashers have technology built in that will get your dishes cleaner than you thought possible. WaterWall technology uses a wall of water that cleans every dish in every corner.

Zone Booster is a wash setting that lets you control how intensive your wash cycle will be. You can select which zone to boost, either right or left on the bottom rack, so you can target dishes or pots and pans.

Speedy express cycles

With the Express 60 cycle you can wash your dishes like cups, bowls, and plates even faster.

Quiet operation

A Samsung dishwasher runs so quietly you won’t even know it’s running. They are virtually silent thanks to a special insulation system that reduces operation noise to as low as 44dBA.

Smart features

Samsung dishwashers have smart features to help you control your dishwasher from wherever you are. Some models have built-in Wi-Fi, and you can connect to the Samsung SmartThings app to turn your dishwasher on, choose a cycle, or receive an alert when your wash cycle is complete.

Samsung dishwashers have StormWash

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that’s a step above the rest, the Samsung dw80r5061us is for you. It has StormWash, a heavy duty wash system that gets caked on pots and pans clean without prewashing, and AutoRelease that automatically opens the door to let steam escape.

Choose a Samsung dishwasher to match your other kitchen appliances

A Samsung dishwasher is a great complement to your existing Samsung appliances. Whether you have a Samsung refrigerator, Samsung range, or both, your Samsung dishwasher will match the style of your entire suite of Samsung appliances. Choose your favourite model of Samsung dishwasher on Best Buy.

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