Shark vacuums and floor care

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Let Shark Vacuums lend a hand with your chores

Don't you wish your vacuum would glide through carpeted floors like a shark swimming through clear blue water? With Shark's array of super-smooth vacuums, it can.

Shark vacuums are available in different styles and functions for any home, from upright designs with powerful suction and large canister capacity to cordless wand vacuums that are perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

Hands-free robot vacuum cleaners from Shark

Traditional manual vacuums are great for deep cleans and multi-surface areas, but for everyday cleaning, there's nothing more convenient than a robot vacuum. Shark is well-known for their large range of app-controlled smart robot vacuums, which use the SharkClean app to complete your cleaning tasks with the click of a button. For even more seamless cleaning, SharkClean integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and pre-set home scheduling to make sure your vacuuming gets done even if your hands are full.

The Shark ION, IQ, EZ, and AI lines give you plenty of options at any price point to find the right vacuum for your home. Look for features like self-cleaning brush rolls, self-emptying bases, Room Select, and combined vacuuming and mopping for the best clean possible from Shark.

Upright vs canister vacuums: What's the difference?

For messy spaces and large family homes, upright and canister Shark vacuum cleaners can take on whatever you need to tackle. Try the Shark Rotator range of upright vacuums for powerful suction with swivel steering or invest in bagless Shark Vertex range for a canister vacuum with easy maintenance.

Upright and canister vacuums are bulkier than other types of vacuums, but they make up for their size in power. These designs offer more suction for a deeper clean, which makes them perfect for high-traffic areas. They can even tackle pet hair and thick carpets, and feature interchangeable Shark vacuum accessories so you can clean anywhere you need.

Cordless and corded Shark Rocket stick vacuums

Shark's stick vacuum options will help you cover hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces, even outside of the home. The perfect solution for car upholstery and small apartments, cordless vacuums like the Shark Rocket are convenient and easy to transport.

While cordless stick vacuums are less powerful than other models and have limited battery life, their lightweight design and total transportability make them a popular choice for everyday cleans. Try a corded Shark Rocket DuoClean for unlimited cleaning time, or opt for a rechargeable, cordless model to experience cleaning without limits. In smaller spaces, try designs like the Shark WANDVAC for a handheld vacuum that you can take anywhere.

Whatever your needs, Shark vacuums are there to help you finish your chores faster. Let them help you breathe easy while you enjoy your sparkling clean floors.