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if you love collecting movies, you will love SteelBooks

What is a SteelBook?

If you’re a collector of movies or TV shows, you might be wondering about SteelBooks. SteelBooks are special metal cases made for today’s most collectible media and home entertainment media like Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and games.

SteelBooks are prized by fans and collectors for their iconic design, luxurious finish and ability to showcase masterful artwork. In some cases, a SteelBook edition is a premium edition release that represents the ultimate way to store your favourite movies and games—one that looks like no other disc!

Why Buy a SteelBook?

Often produced in limited edition print runs, SteelBook cases have a distinctive weight, and are made with precision and quality that is unlike any other packaging. SteelBook packaging is made of metal, ensuring your media is protected for life inside its durable and long-lasting covers. Plus, SteelBook movies are often issued in smaller production numbers, making these discs highly collectible and sought after by movie buffs.

What is a PS4 SteelBook?

In much the same way SteelBook is a unique and collectible way to preserve and showcase movies and TV, the same is true for your favourite games. If you want to keep your PS4 games safe, well preserved and looking great for years to come, choosing the SteelBook PS4 edition of your preferred game is a wise buying choice.

What is Blu-ray SteelBook?

Choosing a Blu-ray SteelBook for your next movie disc means you’re getting a limited run of a Blu-ray or game, packaged in a premium, high quality metal case. Blu-ray SteelBook discs often come with unique, classic or specially commissioned art on the cover, so they stand out among basic plastic casing.

The SteelBook steel case provides both a unique and long lasting canvas for displaying the premium specialty artwork that is commissioned for these collectible runs, plus when your discs are stored inside a SteelBook, you know you’ve got your collection inside a more durable package that ensures you have them for life.

New SteelBook releases

Looking for new release SteelBook offerings? New SteelBook releases are constantly coming out, but since they’re often produced in limited quantities, its best to get yours while you can. New releases include the hottest Hollywood blockbusters, classic TV series, and the most notable games.

Upcoming and Pre-order SteelBook

Often, you’ll have a chance to pre-order SteelBook copies of your favourite titles. Want to know what SteelBook titles are coming out? Check in with to see what movie, TV and gaming titles have been added to the list. It’s easy to pre-order your SteelBook and when you do you can rest easy knowing your spot in line is assured, even when demand for collectible SteelBook editions is high.

Things to consider when buying a SteelBook

Choosing a SteelBook movie, SteelBook game, or SteelBook TV edition ensures that you’ll own your media for life. Unlike some digital files that may disappear or degrade over time, your SteelBook-protected disc is always yours, ensuring you can watch it any time in the years to come—even when it’s removed from other online media sources.

Another reason a SteelBook movie is prized over typical disc packaging is because it’s enduring. While plastic can feel less than luxurious, the SteelBook metal box, and specialized process for engraving the artwork onto the metal cover means it will outlast plastic and flimsy paper packaging.

Keep your prized movie, games, and TV series safe for years to come by choosing a collectible SteelBook edition.