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Work through your laundry faster with a washing machine on sale

Browse a variety of washing machines to choose from including varying sizes, finishes and smart features and technology. In addition, Best Buy has a large selection of deals for major appliances to choose from including ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators.

The latest washing machines and washer/dryer sets have all new features to make washing your clothes easy. Just because they’re the latest models doesn’t mean you won’t find them listed under washing machine sales. 

Just check Best Buy every week and you’ll find washing machine deals on the perfect washing machine or washer/dryer set for your home.

When shopping for washing machine deals or deals on a washer and dryer, you’ll want to look for machines with the latest features.

Steam options

For extra soiled clothes or to sanitize your blankets and bedding, a steam cycle is a must have. Steam will penetrate fabric and dig deep into set stains, and it can kill any bacteria and viruses in your laundry.

Smart options

The latest washer and dryers have smart options built in. You can download a new wash cycle, turn your washer and dryer combo off and on via an app on your phone, or find out how much time you have until a cycle ends. Smart washer and dryer combo sales are available on your favourite brands at Best Buy.

Noise reduction

If you live in a condo or have young children, it’s important to have a washing machine that doesn’t rattle your walls when it runs. The latest washing machine deals feature laundry pairs with noise and vibration reduction to keep noise down when washing.

When to replace a new washer or dryer

Replacing a washer and dryer is easy when you shop at Best Buy, but how will you know if it’s time to upgrade or replace your current washing machine or laundry pair? If your machine is more than a few years old and no longer under warranty, it may be less expensive to replace it than repair it. If you’d like to access the latest washing machine technology, replacing your current set with a washer dryer combo sale is also a great idea.

Types of washing machines on sale

There are a few different types of washers, and you’ll find washing machine deals on every type of laundry machine you’re interested in.

Top loading washing machines are one of the most popular types of washing machine. They have a lid on top of the machine where you put your clothes and use an agitator and drum to wash your clothing.

Front loading washing machines have a door on the front of the machine. Front loading washing machines don’t have an agitator, but instead tumble your clothes in a drum. This style of washing machine is considered high efficiency because it tends to use less water and energy than top loading washing machines.

For all types of washing machine deals, take a look at Best Buy.