Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Triple Black

Model Number: 858366-1110
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Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Triple Black


From indoor gatherings to backyard bashes, this Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II wireless speaker delivers rich sound to keep the party pumping. Place it in the centre of your space for even, consistent audio or set it near a wall for sound that radiates and reflects. It's durably built for water- and dust-resistance so you can keep the music going, even if it starts to rain.
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From indoor gatherings to backyard bashes, this Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II wireless speaker delivers rich sound to keep the party pumping. Place it in the centre of your space for even, consistent audio or set it near a wall for sound that radiates and reflects. It's durably built for water- and dust-resistance so you can keep the music going, even if it starts to rain.

  • Portable design with a flexible fabric carry handle is engineered to deliver rich, immersive audio from a compact package
  • True 360-degree sound ensures consistent, uniform coverage around your whole room
  • IP55-rated seamless aluminum body is water- and rust-resistant for lasting durability
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 17 hours of play time and recharges effortlessly with the USB Micro-B charging cable
  • Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts and NFC pairing provide quick and convenient connectivity
  • Speaker allows you to take phone calls or access Siri and the Google Assistant
  • Pairs with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (sold separately) for hands-free operation
  • Combine two speakers together for rich stereo sound or Party Mode playback
  • Multi-connect function lets you connect to two devices to swap who is in control of the music
  • Bose Connect app makes it easy to manage Bluetooth connections, unlock features, and access future updates
  • Threaded universal mount attaches seamlessly to nearly any tripod
  • Auxiliary input lets you connect quickly to other audio sources
  • Compatible with the optional charging cradle (sold separately) that serves as a home base and keeps the speaker charged

Optional accessories (sold separately)

  • 3.5mm male-to-male stereo audio cable (if you want to connect to a non-Bluetooth device)
Triple Black
Wireless Multi-Room Capability
Stereo Pair

Connectivity & Media

Primary Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Connectivity
NFC Ready
Voice Control
Voice Assistant Built-In
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa

Speaker Features

Shielded Speakers


Power Source
Battery Powered
Approximate Battery Life
17 Hours
Device Charging

Physical Features

Microphone Included
10.49 cm
18.42 cm
10.49 cm
Width (Inches)
4.13 in
Height (Inches)
7.25 in
Depth (Inches)
4.13 in
900 g
  • SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker II
  • USB Micro-B Charging Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Adapters
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Sheet

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  • Arguably the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever had!
    Reviewed by Bill - April 7, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] It was with great excitement and anticipation that I opened the box my Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker II came in. I know, it's quite the mouthful. From now on I'll refer to it as Bose Speaker for simplicity. The unit was packaged carefully as all Bose products usually are. I was happy to see all packing materials appear to be recyclable. But, after unboxing the unit, I plugged it into the charger to use it with a full charge. A couple of hours later, it was time. I paired the Bose Speaker with my phone and started playing music. I have a playlist of various genres to help me evaluate the sound of my audio equipment. The sound from this speaker is clear and accurate. Uncannily so, given the volume and projection that emanates from such a small package. Of course it could use some extra bass! But I'm glad they didn't add an artificial bass engine to boost it. So what you get is a wireless, portable, loud yet clear speaker that can also act as a speakerphone. It looks well made and it has some heft, probably because of the long battery life that lasts in excess of 18 hours of heavy use while we traveled to the coast. Even though the speaker has water resistance, I couldn't bring myself to try, sorry. It's just that I don't mistreat my electronics. Overall, this is a fantastic portable speaker that fills a room with clear, beautiful sound.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Rugged portable outdoor speaker!
    Reviewed by TechGeek - March 19, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Compact, well-built, lightweight, grab and go speaker. This speaker is no bigger than a 16 Oz water bottle and is a perfect travel companion, if you chose to take it out on trips. It's a Gen 3 (successor to Revolve II) Soundlink Resolve series speaker with 16+ hours battery (Li Ion) life. This is in same price range as most branded speakers that you tend to compare before making a purchase, but this is a clear winner if you are looking for sound quality, portability, ruggedness and durability for outdoor use. Can be charged via micro USB port or with a charging cradle that doesn’t come with the product. Connection was a breeze with the Bose app and took less than a minute to pair and get it going. It supports Siri and Google assistant. Pros Great portable speaker with crisp sound with 360 degree sound delivery. Of course, Bose never disappoints you on the sound quality. Great volume, room filling sound with the design 360 that allows sound to travel in all directions. Built in Mic came in handy to answer calls, when connected via Bluetooth, and didn't hear any complaints on the sound voice quality when using the mic and speaker outdoors (patio). Didn't have any Bluetooth drop out issues while walking around my house with phone in my pocket. Rubberized base with ruggedized aluminum body built to withstand accidental falls. Rated for dust protection and water ingress (IP55 compared to IPX4 on previous gen). Flexible tote bag handle to carry it around. Can be paired with another speaker for party mode that you can enable via the Bose app. Cons Uses a micro USB port for charging. Wish it came with USB C port instead, as USB C is the industrial standard now. Wish it came with the charging cradle. Will have to shell out another $30 for the charger cradle and I did hear few complaints on its bad design. Ordered mine to test it out. App doesn't offer options for equalizer settings. Bass is a little low which is typical in all Bose speakers and it’s a personal choice on what you prefer - crisp sound with low/medium bass or muffled sound with high bass at high volume on small speakers. Overall I rate it 5/5 on sound quality and the design for its portability and outdoor use with an amazing 16 hr battery life!

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Walk with a tote that play music - Only by Bose
    Reviewed by MigDigital - March 24, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is review of Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II. Most part of review is based from the usage with Apple devices. The speaker at glance feels sturdy and made for moving experience, portable from one place to another. During the day, moving around places feels like taking insulated water bottle, during night feel like waking with a lantern. Paring with devices is simple as most of devices does in the market. It allow to pair simultaneously up to 2 devices. I paired with iPhone, iPad, Chrombook, and Window notebook without issues. Note on mobile device, it require to download its app Connect + which allow to connect as its name indicate but also manage the update and transition between devices during usage. If from tablet started the music, then from the phone can continue its control. And vice versa, if music has been started from mobile, it can continue from the tablet. And if from second device start new music, it stop and play the latest one. However this experience is not quite straight or doesn’t work well if the music has started from Apple deices then from Window laptop play second song. The speaker doesn’t play the latest play and continue with the existing song or podcast which ever the media in play. And this is same vice versa, from Window first then Apple devices. And probably as part of the described effect, if music is played from Window Notebook, the Connect + from the mobile phone doesn’t recognize as music playing. It is resistant to water but not made for playing in the water while in the pool. On the bottom has reinforcement with mix of rubber/plastic material but doesn’t support enough to allow to drop and bounce and stay intact. The handle is covered with textile that give a feel of grabbing a tote or bag. In term of sound, doesn’t feel the deep base or that ambiance that surround the listener in the beginning. But as increase the volume it evolving the effect. However this occur only having nearby. Probably has to do with the size but feels as it is a limitation as it cannot fully take advantage in open space like park or backyard itself. And surprise element is that with the application can pair with second Bose speaker to make stereo, but I couldn’t test this as I don’t have second one. Its design made a fun part with voice announcement. For instance, if connected there is voice telling what device name haas connected and level of battery. From the Connect + can change its language. But it is available only one gender at least at this time of review. Its battery time I can’t find specific of how long should last technically, but during the usage with one full charge I’ve been using through out several days and haven’t charged for second time Then the charging connector is USB and not type C. And this is a downside considering today most of premium level audios are coming with USB type C connector for charing. In short, although it is premium level speaker for mobility feels it come bit short as described above.

    Review originally posted on

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

  • Bose Hits the Sonic Sweet Spot
    Reviewed by lambda100 - March 24, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve been using my trusty Bose Soundlink Mini II since 2015. I’ve always enjoyed the sound from this speaker, but lately I’ve been itching to see what else is out there. When I heard that Bose released the Soundlink Revolve+ II, I simply had to give it a shot. Here are the things I thought Bose got right with the Revolve+ II: +Sound Quality in a small package - Bose continues to deliver on precision audio quality, delivering big sounds from small devices. The 360 degree sound radiating from the speaker is nothing short of awesome. Place it next to the corner of a room, and the audio sounds more spatial, adding more dimension, and fullness. The speaker is well balanced across the audio spectrum. Bass thumps are powerful without being obtrusively overbearing. Mids are clear and prominent. Dialogue and voices have such clarity that when you’re listening to a program or podcast, it almost sounds like the person is present in the room with you. And what I enjoy most of all is the crispness and sparkle at the treble frequencies (which my mini II lacks). I think this speaker sounds so good that it can substitute as a soundbar for watching movies. I have tested the speaker with videos and the audio/video latency is minimal. So go ahead and use this speaker to watch your favorite movies. And all of this splendid audio is coming from a tapered cylinder that is only 7” tall, weighing only 2 lbs that you can easily carry in one hand with the rope handle. +Battery Life - Bose claims 17 hours of use on a fully charged battery. I don’t know how they tested the battery, but most of the time I don’t listen to music at full volume. I listen more at mid-volume. I’ve been going for over 20 hours, and there is still 30% battery left. Basically, battery life is excellent! +AUX jack - So many bluetooth speakers have eliminated the 3.5 mm aux jack. I am so glad Bose kept it for the Revolve+ II since I sometimes have the need to plug it into legacy audio equipment. +Tripod Mount - For those times when I’m outdoors doing gardening work and don’t have a stable surface to place my speaker and don’t want to place it on the grass or dirt, I can bring out my tripod and attach it to the receiving tripod mount on the bottom of the Revolve+ II. It takes the standard tripod screw mount. +Not a smart speaker - I have plenty of smart speakers in my home already. I don’t need another one listening in on all my private conversations. I’m glad this is a good ole bluetooth speaker. With that said, however, you can still use it with the voice assistant on your phone if you need it. The speaker’s microphone becomes an extension of the microphone on your phone. You’ll just need to press the multi-function button on the speaker to activate the assistant from your phone. Then you’ll be able to make or take calls, check the news and weather, play music, etc. +Speaker Phone - Audio quality is super clear using the speaker as a speaker phone. The speaker’s microphone works well, too. Callers on the other end of the line heard me clearly. While I love singing the praises of the Revolve+ II, I think Bose could have done some things better: -This speaker is still using the Micro-USB port to charge the battery. I don’t know why Bose doesn’t switch to the USB-c charge port, other than to save a few cents in using the older usb standard. -The Bose Connect app is okay, but could be better. You can control voice prompts, check the battery meter, add another speaker for party/stereo, change the name of the speaker, connect to a new bluetooth source, set an auto timer to turn off the speaker, and of course update the firmware. What this app lacks is treble/bass controls or equalizers. As much as I enjoy Bose’s signature sound, there are times when I might want to turn up or down the bass/treble to suit the specific audio I am listening to. If Bose could add this feature in a future firmware update, then this app would be super useful! -Powering off the speaker doesn’t really power it down. You would think that if you pressed the power button on the speaker to turn it off, the speaker would power down completely, right? Well, it doesn’t power it down completely. The speaker’s bluetooth antenna still draws power continuously, draining the battery. Someone at Bose thought it would be a good idea to include a feature where the speaker can be turned on directly from the Bose Connect app. So if your speaker is in the off position, you can simply turn it on from the app. I personally do not like this feature because it continues to draw power and deplete the battery. That means you could have the speaker turned off for a few weeks, and when you turn it on, you may find out that there is not much battery charge remaining. I would recommend that Bose provide a firmware update to allow the user an option to decide whether or not to have the speaker power up from the app. -IP55 - The first digit describes the resistance to intrusion from solids such as dust, while the second digit is for resistance to intrusion from liquids. The Revolve+ II can be sprayed with a low pressure water jet, but don’t submerge it in water, otherwise this expensive speaker is toast. There are a number of bluetooth speakers on the market that have a higher IP rating allowing them to be submerged in water. If being able to take your speaker to the pool party and dunk it in water is important to you, then this speaker isn’t for you. -Lower bumper quality is questionable. On my Revolve+ II, the top protective bumper appears to be made of a high quality rubber material that can take some abuse. However, the lower bumper doesn’t feel as thick as the rubber material at the top of the speaker. It appears to be hard plastic and lacks the resiliency of the top bumper. In fact, there are already a few light permanent scratches on the lower bumper of my speaker, and it hasn’t even been taken outdoors yet. Take a look at the picture I took showing the scratches. Should you buy the speaker? This speaker is expensive, but the audio quality is superb! I would recommend the speaker based on audio quality alone. Since audio is highly subjective and based on individual experiences, I would recommend that you audition the Revolve+ II with other speakers. Other than audio quality, this speaker does not compete well with other more rugged speakers from competitors that could survive being submerged in water.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • All around sound
    Reviewed by Xtant - March 24, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Revolve+II was easy to pair with both a Pixel and iPhone. It has a good sound to it and gets pretty loud. The speaker provides sound in all directions giving everyone a great listening position.  Played a bunch of different genres of songs and they all sounded really good  Though it was a little bass heavy to me but I think most speakers in this size are. I downloaded the Bose app hoping there would be some sound control options but there aren't any. The app is pretty much just to get updates and register your Bose product. Hopefully Bose will update the app to add more useful features.  Controls on the speaker are the basic power, volume up/down, bluetooth connection and an answer call/play/pause/next track/previous track. There is one more button that I had to search online to find out what it was? It's for a usb connected source. Would like to have an audible indication when turning off since there is no led.  Battery life looks good with using it for 3 hours and battery only down 10%. The speaker has a nice weight to it giving a nice sturdy feel and the handle is convenient and gives you something to hang it on. I like the ability to use a tripod mount. There are 4 gold connection dots on the bottom but I couldn't find any info on what it's for? I only got 1 so wasn't able to try out the Soundlink option.  Overall the Revolve+II is a solid performing mid sized speaker that provides big sound!

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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