Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset with Microphone - Slate

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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset with Microphone - Slate


Feed your ears with rich and accurate sound from your games for deeper immersion with the Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset. Equipped with 3.5mm/USB ports as well as Bluetooth, it produces deep and realistic audio while the omnidirectional microphone captures your voice clearly. It also offers 15-hour battery life, Dolby Atmos, inline controls, dynamic RGB, and more.
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Feed your ears with rich and accurate sound from your games for deeper immersion with the Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset. Equipped with 3.5mm/USB ports as well as Bluetooth, it produces deep and realistic audio while the omnidirectional microphone captures your voice clearly. It also offers 15-hour battery life, Dolby Atmos, inline controls, dynamic RGB, and more.

Wired and wireless connectivity

  • Over-ear headphones with over-the-head band is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time
  • 3.5mm and USB wired connectivity offers responsive control and low latency audio output
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with 15-hour battery life and with an effective wireless range of 18m

Rich and immersive sound experience

  • 50mm precision tuned high density neodymium speaker drivers with 20Hz to 40,000Hz frequency range give you rich and impeccable sound output that makes your gaming experience more immersive
  • Dolby Atmos technology enables three-dimensional audio that makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of the action
  • Qualcomm aptX low latency with simultaneous SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS technology for hyper-fast ultra-long range audio
  • 24bit/96KHz USB audio gives you high-fidelity sound output that lets you listen to high quality audio with more bit depth and higher sampling frequency

Compatible with various devices

  • Wide device compatibility lets you connect to almost any device including PCs, gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobiles via wired 3.5mm, SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS or Bluetooth

Superb voice clarity and easy control

  • 9.5mm detachable omnidirectional microphone with high bandwidth makes your voice be heard in superb vocal clarity in a wide dynamic range
  • Multi-function button offers independent volume control for the Bluetooth audio
  • 3.5mm inline control for adjusting volume and mute settings

Lightweight and comfortable

  • Lightweight build with premium materials such as machined aluminum makes this headset highly durable
  • Memory foam ear pads mold themselves to the shape of your head for long-lasting comfort while playing for hours

Customization and storage

  • CORSAIR iCUE compatible for custom equalizer settings, setting pre-tuned audio profiles, sidetone control, and synchronization of RGB lighting with compatible CORSAIR peripherals
  • Padded storage pouch with magnetic clasp included for safe storage and portability
Headphone Style
Primary Headset Usage
PC Gaming
Band Style
Sports & Fitness Ear Clip
Sound Isolating
Noise Cancelling
Echo Reduction
Truly Wireless
Bluetooth 5
RF Wireless
NFC Ready
Effective Wireless Range
18 m
Designed For Gaming
Designed for Sports
Designed for Kids
DJ Style
Professional Grade
Water/Sweat Resistant
Inline Volume Control
iPod/iPhone Control
Built-in Mic
Android Control
Fitness Tracking
Heart Rate Monitor
Step Tracking
Sleep Aid
Sleep Tracking
Cord Length
1.5 m
Mental Wellness
Ear Cushion Material
Premium Memory Foam Earpads
Driver Unit Size
50 mm
Power Source
Rechargeable; Lithiumion polymer; 1500mAh
Frequency Response
20Hz -40 kHz
32 Ohm
109dB (± 3 dB)
Colour Family
382 g


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
2 Years
  • Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Headset
  • Wireless USB Adapter
  • USB Charging Cable (1.8m)
  • 3.5mm Inline Controller (1.5m)
  • Storage Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

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  • My new favorite!
    Reviewed by Woo151 - May 16, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've always used my Sennheiser HD 599 SEs and these new Virtuoso's are my new favorites hands down. They just sound that great to me especially with personal EQ settings. Easily fits my big head with ease. Looks amazing and the RGB Sails just add to the aesthetics. For those wondering, the headset resting on my head was super cushiony and comfy for long gaming sessions and streaming. Though the earpads made my ears pretty warm after a couple of hours. May not affect some, but it wasn't hot, just almost uncomfortable. Downloaded the updated iCUE and the headset was found immediately. EQ alone is what makes this sooooooooo worth it. Comes with 5 presets or create as many custom ones you want. Sound easily drowns out the outside world. RGB is limited to the Sails on the outside of the phones. Not too much customization on that part yet. 4 different ways to connect, Bluetooth, Slipsteam, USB and 3.5mm. You can with BT and SS at the same time. I have also used this for not only PC gaming, but also consoles. Works with my PS5 and Xbox Series X. Mic worked great with no complaints across the board. Btw used these to play RE Village and the 7.1 surround is phenomenal. HIGHLY recommend DLing the Dolby app for PC for Atmos. Worth it.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Clean Look, Great Sound Experience
    Reviewed by xupr4 - May 18, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Before I start with the review here is a TL:DR - Sleek Look (Not too gamer) - Great sound and tunning through either ICUE or Dolby Acess - Can be connected through Bluetooth, slipstream(receiver), USB, or 3.5mm - Comfortable Earcups and adjustable headband - Nice sturdy metal finish on the body (which makes it a little heavy) - Volume Can be Controlled through the headset - Microphone can be detached. - You get about 12- 16 hours of battery nonstop - Microphone sounds great (discord tested) All right now let me get started with the review. First, the shell of the headset is made of aluminum, making the headset a little on the heavier side. Honestly i did not feel any discomfort after using the headset for several hours. On the other hand the Earcups feel a little small on my ear. The earcups are made out of what i am guessing is foam with PU leather on the outside. Surprisingly there is enough ventilation for your ears not to get hot after having them on for several hours. The reason I said that the they hurt on my ear is because my ears a little on the bigger side, I have seen bigger ears, and the cups fit in a weird way on to ear. Also the headband applies a lot of pressure on the cups making that weird fit, hurt after a few hours of use. Other than that issue that i had, i would say the materials used are premium quality and the design is clean but not the best ergonomically. On the headset you can find several things going on. On one side you can find the microphone port, connection/battery LED indicator, a 3.5mmm port, and the USB/Charging port. On the other side you have the Volume knob, a wired or wireless switch, and the Bluetooth connection controls. I find it strange why there are separate volume controls for the wireless and Bluetooth connections but I am sure they had their reasons when designing the headset. Anyways, wireless connection is great, I did not find any noticeable latency when playing games on either Bluetooth or through the receiver. The range on the receiver is pretty far (about 20-30 ft), so if you want to hear what the boyz have to say while you go get a snack, you will be fine. on Bluetooth is great as well but range will vary depending on the version of bluetooth your device uses. Now lets talk about the sound. The 50mm neodymium speakers produce clean and very crisp sounds but does not have the deepest bass if that a purchasing factor for you. If you use the EQs from either ICUE or Dolby Access you get a phenomenal sound experience. I used Nier Automata as a test mostly because of the music, and honestly I just sat there for like 30 mins listening to the music. Anyways, let me talk about the software you use to tune your Headset. If you are just going to play FPS games you could use either one since there is not that much of a difference. But if you are going to be playing single player games, Watch a Movie, or use any type of editing software I would probably go with Dolby Access. If its only for music i would use ICUE for that. The only thing that I found annoying is that you have to enable or disable Windows Spatial Sound every time you switch from one to the other. Lastly let me talk about the microphone. As I mentioned the Mic is optional and you can attach it or detach it from the headset. On discord it sounds pretty good from what i have been told. other than that i mean is just a headset mic. If you are trying to do other things with it like recording videos or voice clips, it will work with a little software cleaning. But if you want better sound in general i would go with an XLR set up. Overall this headset is good balance of great sound and functionality. Battery is good, you get Dolby Atmos support, and can use different types of connections. I mean if you have big ears i would say try it first and see if its comfortable but other than that I would recommend this headset

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Hi-Fi Wireless Gaming Monster!
    Reviewed by Viabledata - May 22, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Corsair's new Virtuoso XT gaming headset has delivered a masterpiece of ingenuity and quality that is hard pressed to find in other gaming headsets. Starting with a solid and stylish aluminum frame, it automatically stands out against other headsets. RGB Corsair logo's on each cup give it that extra touch to personalize and stand out to your style. The ear cushions are very soft and comfortable on the ears. The headset features large 50mm drivers, so the cups fit very well over larger ears. It has a very rugged headband that has easy adjustment guide marks and you won't have to worry about bending or breaking apart. The top of the headband is cushioned comfortably as well. This headset lets you connect to your PC, Phone, or PS5 and gives you many options how to do that. Functionality is a bit to get used to at first but is very simplistic on the headset itself. The left cup is used for inputs, like charger, 3.5mm jack, and microphone boom. The right cup has all of the connectivity functions, like volume, bluetooth, usb or wireless switch, and indicator status lights. The main connectivity input is Corsair's Slipstream Wireless technology that lets you connect wirelessly through the included USB dongle. This allows connectivity through Corsair's ICUE software and access to the Dolby Atmos functionality. You are also able to connect through Bluetooth, and 3.5mm audio jack. The Bluetooth functionality is limited, especially on your phone, and there is no app to be able to control the equalizer of the headphones. The equalizer is only available in the ICUE software and is not allowed use when Spatial Sound is activated, like Dolby Atmos, DTS, or Windows Sonic. The ICUE software is only available on PC. After downloading and installing from Corsair's website, you will be able to access the features of the headset, like adjusting the RGB colors on the cups, adjusting the equalizer( if you aren't using spacial sounds), and device settings. It is easy to access and manage. ICUE recognizes the thumbstick and the headset separately, and the thumbstick properties can manage device connections, and settings. The audio quality and performance is the shining star of this headset. On Bluetooth, the audio quality is outstanding, with the mids and highs able to produce sound frequencies that let you hear parts of music and gaming that you normally have a hard time hearing, but with out an equalizer to utilize with Bluetooth, some things such as bass, are quite a bit lacking. Using the ICUE and Slipstream wireless for music and PC gaming is amazing. Activating Dolby Atmos for headphones is an amazing sound difference and brings a whole new life to sounds in gaming. Footsteps and gunshots will never be the same. The only downside is that Dolby Atmos for headphones is paid subscription based and not available just to have. As I mentioned before, you are not able to adjust the equalizer when using Spatial sounds like Dolby Atmos, DTS, or Windows Sonic, which is understandable but wish there was still some options for equalization. The headset gets pretty loud, but mostly gaming loud, not really music loud. It's really hard to describe how great the sound is while using Dolby during gaming. The gaming mic included is also very sturdy and simple. It has a mute button where it connects into the headset and the mic ring glows red or green based if you are muted or not. The heaset gives a mic on or off announcement when you mute and unmute, but you can turn that off in the device settings in ICUE. I have been told the mic clarity is amazing and clear, and never had any complaints yet. Overall, this is an amazing headset Corsair has built. Its multi functionality for connectivity and amazing sound and impressive build quality make this a top notch headset and quite a contender. My only gripes is the cost to be able to use Dolby Atmos for headsets, and its lack of app support on phones to be able to utilize an equalizer.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • The best All-in-one headphones for Windows PC
    Reviewed by CrysisComplex - May 16, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Let me cut to the chase. These are extremely premium not only that in construction but also in superior sound. I truly can’t believe how good the sound on top of being an all-in-one headphone that’s perfect for gamers. Why do you ask? Well, Corsair includes Dolby Atmos for headphones on Windows 10. This a heaven for gamers who crave sound from every single direction in the latest games like Gears 5, Call of Duty Warzone, CyberPunk 2077, and more. I was truly blown away by the next-generation sound. Another advantage to the Virtuoso XT I like to talk about of these headphones is the fact that they can connect to your PC and your smartphone simultaneously. This is truly one define feature that’s totally worth the price of these headphones. Playing music from my phone at the same time while Forza Horizon 5 was amazing. Without opening up another music app in Windows or just answering a phone call while you game…Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT delivers a cross-compatibility experience I feel every headphone maker should head towards in the future. Speaking cross-compatibility they work for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and It’s Bluetooth. I’ve tested PC and PS4 along with Bluetooth. Construction is phenomenal. It’s heavy in the hand but light on top of the head. Every inch feels premium and crafted extremely well. I’ve been using the Corsair VOID Elite series and this goes way beyond the plastics of that model. Chamfer and just give it a look that just looks beautiful near your PC or gaming laptop. More so if you turn off the RGB lights they can have a business appeal to them where you can take them to work or use them in travel. There actually isn’t a lot of setup to the headphones no matter what connection you decide to use. Even the unboxing experience was awesome with these headphones; the box feels good with a easy presentation to you on top of a leather case. The mic feels like it was strand a lot of damage as well but even that has chamfered edges / LED Indicator. The mic sound really good on phone calls with BT as well Zoom calls; everyone could hear me clearly with little to no noise in the background. Buttons on the headphones are right where you need them to be. My concern for some people will be two different volume rockers. One controls the Windows 10 PC volume and the other controls the Bluetooth Volume. I understand why does has to be done as there are two separate connections but some people might accidentally hit the volume rocker instead of the Bluetooth volume on some occasions. There is a Wireless and USB switch; You can switch to Corsair’s Wireless “Slipstream” or just use the USB provided for direct connection. It is USB-C for charging and connection to a PC, AUX port is here Mic mute button, and Bluetooth button to turn on the Bluetooth. They sound truly amazing when listening to…well anything on Windows 10. Such clear sound with the right amount of bass. Here everything just had a really clear sound. There isn’t much to say but just that. Bluetooth sounds really nice and about as good as any manufacture now doing headphones. No complaints with call quality either. The spatial audio sound was jaw-dropping, especially for my first use. The battery lasted me countless hours gaming and charges at a good rate. First off, I recommend that you download the Corsair iCUE software, this is software that will “enhance” your experience with the Virtuoso XT. Here you can set things like the lighting of the headphones and also the EQs. There is a lot here to dive through in the options but you can do much here. Updating the headphones and checking the battery is much easier to observe with the software provided online. The next thing I would recommend you doing is download Dolby Atmos on the Window 10 App Store. This is where the spatial audio comes into play. Of course Resident Evil: Village was the first game I had to test with these headphones. The grin across my face when I can hear every single detail in the castle around me. One of the main villains walks around in the castle with footsteps hitting you in all directions. This really amplifies the intensity I was having with the game. On top of that, you can hear the wind outside the castle in certain locations. These headphones pick up everything the sound team wanted you to hear. One thing I’m curious about with the Virtuoso XT that Corsair doesn’t explain; that these headphones may work for Xbox Series X and Series S due to the fact that that system now supports Dolby Atmos/Vision. I wish they would give a statement for true cross support on this but otherwise, the headphones are good on their own. I can use it on just about any gaming device I own due to BT being implemented. This is something I will be using while gaming for a very long time. I 100% recommend this product to gamers looking to just have an all-in-one. This is the best I’ve use gaming so I’m extremely satisfied.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Light, comfortable and sounds great!
    Verified BuyerReviewed by GDiego - September 5, 2021

    Only Day 2 with these, but so far I love them. Bluetooth and wireless connection run smoothly together no disconnection noticed. They’re really comfortable and surprisingly light. Mic isn’t as good as I’d hoped it’d be. But other than that an amazing product.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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